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Keyword not supported: 'failover partner:sql-failover;initial catalog' in VB.NET
Category : VB & VBnet

We have a SQL Server configured for mirroring. The initial server failed today and almost all our applications failed over correctly except for a VB.NET application.

When it starts up to set the connection string I get the following error:

"Keyword not supported: 'failover partner:sql-failover;initial catalog'."

Here is the code to connect:

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ActiveMQ service failover AND database failover
Category : Programming Languages

I'm facing a bit of difficulties implementing the HA for my ActiveMQ service.
Right now, I've correctly implemented the Master / Slave brokers of Active MQ, so if the master dies, the slave takes over the message delivery transparently. They both share a Microsoft SQL database to store the messages.

I wanted to add another level of High Availability, ensuring a database mirrori

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How to Set Up Failover With DNS
Category : Computers
Domain Name System (DNS) is what translates Domain Names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses on the Internet. Your Internet connection relies on DNS every time you visit a website. If you run your own DNS server, you must set up "DNS Zone Files" to store information about any domains you are hosting. Included in a DNS Zone File is information such as the IP addresses of your Mail, FTP and WWW se

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Memcache Failover
Category : Programming Languages

I am using Memcache (Not memcacheD) . If I have 10 memcache servers and 1 of it fails does that get removed from pool automatically ? I mean when my application tries to make a request for cache will it ever try to get key data from that 1 failed server ?

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Connect to failover db in PHP
Category : PHP

In php is there a quick way to say if db1 is unavailable connect to db2 instead?

Here is what I'm doing now:

@mysql_select_db($database) or die("unable to select database");

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What Is SQL Failover Clustering?
Category : Computers
A relational database server is a set of software programs designed to operate a database. The database, in turn, stores valuable information in the form of organized records, numbering from thousands to millions. Users send the server requests in the form of SQL, the Structured Query Language. A server cluster spreads a database’s workload over two or more physical computers. Failover clust

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Failover with mongodb
Category : Databases

I have to setup a database that can handle failover (if one crashes the other takes over). For that, I decided to use mongodb:
I set up a replica set with two instances. Each instance is running on a separate VM. I have several questions:

It is recommended to use at least 3 instances in a replica set. Is it ok to use only two ?

I have two instances, and then two IP

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Memcached for PHP and failover
Category : PHP

We are deploying memcached for our application, and I would like to make it as resistant as I can.

We plan to use the newer memcacheD extension.

One thing that I haven not fully figured out is, what happens if one of the servers dies. At the very least it seems like the memcached client just 'gives up' on that server, and doesn't store anything in it.

This be

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redis: Handling failover?
Category : Databases

Redis really seems like a great product with the built in replication and the amazing speed. After testing it out, it feels definitely like the 2010 replacement of memcached.

However, since when normally using memcached, a consistent hashing is being used to evenly spread out the data across the servers in a pool. If one of the servers in the pool goes down and stops being accessibl

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postfix relay failover
Category : Web Design

Is there a way to configure postfix to use a relay only if direct delivery is rejected? The case being a web application that has to send notification to subscribers, but some servers reject the connection. I want those cases to be retried using a paid SMTP relay like authsmtp.com. However I don't want to use the relay for everything since it costs per mail.

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