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Installation of pyswisseph fails (gcc compiler fails)
by Dan Lowe in Programming Languages

I want to install the swisseph packages in my
Python version via

run setup.py install

I run this Python on Windows XP Home Edition (Version 2002).

The compilation of the C-files fails because
vcvarsall.bat (part of Microsoft Visual Studio) is missing.

As an alternative compiler I have installed MinGW
(version 20

mongodb-erlang driver: mongo:do fails because of mongodb:next_requestid -> ets:update_counter fails with badarg
by Vlad Sirenko in Programming Languages

I'm trying to create an ejabberd module which uses mongodb-erlang as the driver.

I'm doing this as follows:

ejabberd starts my module, which starts a child process with gen_server

I start mongodb application and setup a replset pool

Replset = {<<"rs1">>, [{localhost, 27017}, {localhost, 27018}]},
PoolSize = gen_mod:get_opt(poolsize,

close fails on database connections (managed connection cleanup fails) in websphere 7 but not in websphere 6.1
by cubby1223 in Databases

I have a simple method (used in a web application through servlets) that gets a connection from a JNDI name and issues a select statement (get connection, issue select, return result, close the connection etc. in finally). Due to other methods in the application the connection is set as autocommit=false. This method works normally in websphere 6.1 as well as in glassfish and weblogic. However,

android callback fails in fragment fails cannot be cast to android.content.Context
by Pat in Android

I have a callback class gaGPS which requires I think is a context which works fine in a normal activity but when I use in a Fragment it fails

here is my interface class

Public class gaGPS extends Service implements LocationListener {
private final Context mContext;
// Declaring a Location Manager
protected LocationManager locationManager;

Ajax Firefox. Async on = Fails on all browsers. Async off = Works on GC, fails on FF and IE
by akr in Web Design

I know there are lots of these but all the pages i've seen are because they make there code all complicated and have lots of features. My code is very basic and is basically straight from the book. There nothing fancy. yet it fails? People tell me to use async on then it fails on every browser (Status = 0) when I run it with async off it works 100% fine on google chrome, but with FF it flickers

ADO fails on 64-bit OS. Why?
by David Marchant in Web Design

First, I realize ADO of any kind is rather out of date and there's known compatiblity issues with 64-bit versions of Windows. Mainting code with ADO is becoming more and more combersome (2 code sets for 32-bit and 64-bit) with more and more 64-bit OS's But then I found WOW64 and Microsoft states:

WOW64 is the x86 emulator that allows 32-bit Windows-based
applications to

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CMD: Fails with %1
by boonchew in Operating Systems

Recently i posted a question about what the variable is of a file which you open with a batch file, which is %1.

I used this, to let my batch file copy %1 to a specific location.
After doing this, debugging and a lot of time, and it actually worked, after debugging it more, adding some features, and some more debugging, it stopped working. This is a snippet, where it seems it g

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recv() fails on UDP
by aafr in Programming Languages

I’m writing a simple client-server app which for the time being will be for my own personal use. I’m using Winsock for the net communication. I have not done any networking for the last 10 years, so I am quite rusty. I’d like to use as little external code as possible, so I have written a home-made server discovery mechanism, as follows.

The client broadcasts a message contain

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apk fails to run on some devices
by eskimospy in Programming Languages

I have a quick question. I have built an app in Corona SDK (Version 2012.878). My app works fine on my Galaxy S. But it fails to install on HTC Wildfire S.
Is it because of CPU? Are there some other reasons? Is there a way to know, on which devices app will fail to install?

Thank you

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MPMoviePlayerViewController, what if it fails?
by Oli in Mobile Programming

I'm creating an application to scan barcodes and provide video information on the scanned product. I'm running into the problem where the MPMoviePlayerViewController ends up giving me a white screen if a video url is not valid. It should just go back to the previous screen if no video is available. How do I handle this exception? I can't find any delegate methods etc..

Thanks in adv

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