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How to implement two different web services alternatively to add in favorite and delete from favorite on single button
by legendma in Mobile Programming

My Problem is?
I have a table view in which i am showing "Recent Adress".In every cell there is a toggle button.
Now what i have to do is ?
On clicking on the table.row button that "Recent Address" should inserted in "favorite" web service and the image of the button changes.
And on clicking again table.row button that "Added favorite" should remove from web service.

How to be a Favorite Uncle
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Being an uncle is the best of both worlds--you have nieces and nephews to play without assuming the responsibility of a parent. How can you make sure that you are your nieces' and nephews' favorite uncle? Just follow the steps below.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Get to know each of your nieces and nephews. You must give each of them individual attention so they understand that they're each sp
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Even though parents, grandparents and teachers aren't supposed to have a favorite child, they always do. There are many advantages to being the favorite child that include receiving better gifts and getting more attention. If you want to be the favorite child, follow these steps.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Listen to adults. Adults like children that are respectful. When you listen to wha
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How to Be a Favorite Grandparent
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All grandkids have a favorite grandparent. The favorite grandparent is generally the one who puts their grandchildren's wants and needs before their own. If you want to be the favorite grandparent, here are few ways that you can do so.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Do fun activities with your grandchildren. You need to understand your grandchildren's concept of fun. Watching old black a

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When a brand new niece or nephew is born, you develop a plan. As you warily eyeball the other new aunts in the hospital room, you make a vow under your breath, "This child will love me best." Not content to be the best aunt, you intend to be the favorite aunt as well.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Start early. Even infants have preferences. Offer to hold the baby every time the child is in a conte
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How to Become Your Boss's Favorite
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I can say with great modesty that I'm my boss's favorite at work. I'm the person he turns to when he's in a bind. Every boss wants this type of person to be around them. You are not your boss's assistant per se, but you are the person on the other end of the big bright red flashing alert button. That's what constitutes being a favorite, not being a sycophant.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things Y

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Although some would say being a teacher's pet or a teacher's favorite is not a good thing, the rewards are well worth it. By being a teacher's favorite, it is much easier to get recommendations, scholarship letters, and college application references. Being a teacher's pet does not mean never making a mistake in class or always having the answers to questions the teacher asks. It simply means you

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Perfume has been used by women for hundreds of years. A wide variety of scents are available including floral, citrus, grassy, musk and spicy. Lighter scents such as floral or citrus are good choices during the day, especially when heading to the office. Heavier, more glamorous scents are more appropriate for a night out on the town. The top favorite perfumes are classic scents that never go out o

How to Add Bluetooth As a Favorite on Mac
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Setting favorite Bluetooth devices on your Apple Mac means that they by preference, these devices will automatically pair with your computer. So if you have an Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard and want it to pair automatically, you should set it as a "Favorite Device." Once set, the device will have a heart icon next to the Device in your Device list to show that it is a favorite. Like with all s

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As one of the most popular vacation spots in North America, Hawaii provides a wide range of culinary delicacies. This is in part due to the lush natural landscape and availability of fresh produce and seafood on the islands. Many favorite Hawaiian foods are influenced by other cultures, such as Asian and Latin. PoiMade from taro root, this traditional Hawaiian dish is influenced by Polynesia an

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