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MATLAB fitensemble : How it build each tree ? Based on all features OR subset of features?
by Joshua Johnson in Programming Languages

I am using fitensemble function with 'Bag' in matlab 2011b for classification using following:

fitensemble(features , classLabels,'Bag',10,'tree','type' , 'classification');

Can someone inform how fitensemble select features for building each decision tree? Does it select a subset of all features for each tree ( as like original Breiman's random-forest) ? Or it select

How to Hide SolidWorks Features Without Hiding Child Features
by Alexander Schuc in Computers
SolidWorks in a widely used CAD application. It is used by engineers and architects to create designs for machines and structures that can have all the material and force numbers included so that the builder will know before he starts building if the design will work or not. One of the useful features in SolidWorks is that parts in an assembly can be parented to other parts. However, as you are wo

BDD features of features, should I make a new story or it belongs in a scenario?
by rhinojosa in Web Design

Ok so I'm just starting to try and use BDD for some new development we are doing and I wrote up a story like this for a log viewer feature:

Story: User reviews workflow execution logs

As a user
I want to review the log of rules execution
So that I can examine the results and make adjustments/fixes to the rules definitions

with some scena

Do combination of existing features make new features ?
by timswim78 in Network & Servers

Does it help in classifying better if I add linear, non-linear combinatinos of the existing features ? For example does it help to add mean, variance as new features computed from the existing features ? I believe that it definitely depends on the classification algorithm as in the case of PCA, the algorithm by itself generates new features which are orthogonal to each other and are linear comb

Features phone vs Smartphone: can features phone run Web based application?
by gondalez in Web Design

i was reading an article about smartphones and features phones, and i was surprised to see that smartphones share only the 28% of the global MArket. In Africa, Asia, South American and so on there are still plenty of featured phones.....Than thanks to Java platform and Brew can run just a few third part made applications.

Now i was also reading another article about native app vs We

3G Features
by 007ELmO in Electronics
The term 3G comes from the International Telecommunication Union. A United Nations organization, the ITU, defines the technological terms and standards of wireless technology. 3G is short for third generation wireless technology. This form of technology is a technical leap from previous 2G or 2.5G seen in late 1990s and early 2000s cell phone and mobile technology. Expansive Phone NetworkG tech
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LCD TV Features to Look for
by Munir in Electronics
Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) have replaced the cathode-ray tube (CRT) as the primary screen type used in televisions. LCDs consume less power and take up less space than CRTs. However, unlike CRTs, LCDs don't produce their own light source, resulting in reduced visibility and contrast. LCD TVs are available in standard and high-definition models. Several considerations must be taken into account
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ATI All-in-Wonder Features
by Rast in Computers
The ATI All-in-Wonder is a two-in-one graphics card and TV tuner for your PC. This graphics card can turn your computer into a multimedia center, allowing you to play the best video games, as well as watch and record your favorite television shows. Graphics CardThe card itself connects to your computer via a PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot. It features a 725MHz GPU clock speed, as well as 512MB of DDR
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LCD Features
by MisterLilBig in Electronics
LCDs are called flat screens and have essentially replaced the old CRT displays in most applications. Used in such items as televisions, computer monitors, instrument panels, clocks, telephones and video players, LCDs are thin and flat and have pixels that are filled with liquid crystals. To produce images, the liquid crystals are set in front of a light source or reflector. The crystals are like
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The Features of Blu-ray
by Ed. in Electronics
Blu-ray is an optical disc format that was created by the Blu-ray Disc Association, a large group of companies in electronics, media and computers who research, develop and promote the Blu-ray standard. The Blu-ray disc format was created to provide high-definition video (HD) recording, rewriting and playback. This is done by using a blue laser, as opposed to the red lasers used for CDs and DVDs,
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