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Google Adsense for rss feeds with parameters (user-created feeds)
by eastcoastj in Development Tools & Services

I have a website where users can select some options and based on the selected values an atom feed will be generated.
Now I would like to add ads to the feed using Google Adsense, which points me to Feedburner.
But Feedburner seems to support only static urls.
Unless of course I manually create a Feedburner feed for every combination a user can enter, but that's not feasible..

Loading RSS feeds from non xml feeds - Android
by gitano in Android

I have developed an android application which reads RSS news feeds from a given URL. It works only for ".xml" format rss links. doesn't work for others. can someone help me to read from "http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire.rss" I tried to convert String fullStr to a XML document object like this.

Document doc = builder.parse(new InputSource(new StringReader(fullStr)));

RSS Feeds - How can you consume feeds for display as well as publish a feed for others to consume via a single URL?
by n3. in Web Design

If possible, I would like to develop a ASP.NET (C#) web page that consumes and displays an RSS feed and also provides an RSS feed for others to consume.

Can this be done on a single URL/web page?

How to mix more than 10 RSS feeds?
by FuzzyHornet in Programming Languages

I just want to mix around 10 rss feeds into one and then i want to filter the results as per my requirements.

I know we can use yahoo pipes like solution for this,but due to some reasons i do not want to use yahoo's facility so is their any open source solution which i can host on my server and mix feeds using it.

I am using PHP for development along with Javascript(jque

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How to Use RSS Feeds
by kevotheclone in Internet
RSS feeds provide any user of the Web with a way of easily storing and finding their favorite websites and blogs, making bookmarking much easier and totally web-based. By using an RSS reader, everything you store is web-based and can be opened from any computer.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
A computer with an Internet connection
A free RSS feed reader, such as iGoogle
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How to Use RSS Feeds on Mac OS X
by nologicon in Computers
Users of Apple's OSX can easily add RSS feeds without the use of separate aggregator (or feed reader) software. RSS feed reading capability is conveniently included in the Safari browser, and RSS feeds can easily be displayed as a screensaver.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Navigate to a web page that offering RSS feeds and a blue RSS button will appear in the Safari URL window. Clicking that butto
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RSS feeds in PHP :
by squarecut1 in PHP

Just wondering if someone could suggest a PHP library that would allow me to read the data of an RSS feed and write it to a MySQL database. Also, if possible, provide a link to documentation about how to do this?


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rss feeds in nutch
by Hai Nguyen in Programming Languages

Actually i ma newbie to nutch. i want to khnow is there any way we crawl a rss feed then customize the parse data so that index can hv different fields from rss.
Suppose the rss feed hav a field source in item. i want to index this field..


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RSS feeds in new twitter
by AndyD2k in Development Tools & Services

Does anyone know where to find the RSS feeds in the new twitter? I cannot find the rss icon and the source of the page just points to "Your Twitter Favorites" even though I am on the page of the user I want to get an RSS feed from...

Simple I know, but its bugging me to no end!

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RSS Feeds in CakePHP
by Brent Robinett in Programming Languages

I am building a website in cakePHP, I want to display Indian Stock Market updates for example BSE, NSE etc or Share Values similar to sharekhan.com not that complex just very simple knowledge base.

I am new to cakephp, please let me know how and from where I will get these rss feeds.


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