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How to Fell a Tree With an Axe
by massmedia in Home & Garden
Chopping down the fabled cherry tree with an axe may have been easy for George Washington, but if you plan on bringing down a good-sized tree with an axe, the procedure can be dangerous. Prior to attempting to fell a tree, you need well-maintained equipment and protective gear. It's also a good idea not to attempt felling a tree alone. The U.S. Forest Service requires special training before any o
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How to Fell Ash Trees
by silvervino in Home & Garden
Dead or dying ash trees are not only unattractive, they're dangerous. Storm-damaged or diseased ash trees may be twisted, cracked or otherwise deformed, making them incredibly unpredictable and difficult to fell. Tree borers, insects that get under the bark, feed on ash trees and cause extensive damage to the wood. Borers can move quickly from one ash tree to another. Sometimes, properly felling t
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How Can I Fix My Car Window That Fell Down?
by kiirpi in Cars
Car windows, whether they are operated electrically or manually, are moved up and down via a regulator within the door panel. When this regulator is damaged or the window falls off of its track, the window will fall into the door panel. A number of things can be wrong with a fallen car window, so it should be repaired by a professional mechanic. In the meantime, however, the window can get a quick
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How to Sew a Fell Seam
by highland145 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Flat felled seams are heavy-duty, very durable and hide the raw edges of the fabric. They are most suitable for medium weight fabric, although the most common use for them is in the seams of jeans, made from heavy denim. The layers of heavy fabric can sometimes be too thick to pass under the home sewing machine's foot and they can be difficult to handle if you are not used to sewing flat felled se
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How to Fell and Dry a Fir Tree
by Spasas in Home & Garden
How you cut down a fir tree can vary depending on how large it is. These trees can grow to be very tall. Knowing the basics of tree felling will allow you to cut down any size tree. Drying a fir tree reduces the moisture content of the wood, making it useful for firewood. Wood shrinks when it dries so it is best for the change in size to occur before it is cut into precise dimensions.Difficulty:Mo
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How to Fix PVC Plumbing That Fell Apart
by Denmark in Home & Garden
Improperly glued PVC pipe can fall apart and cause a leak. The pipes may be totally separated or only leaking. The pipes do not need to be replaced. They can be cleaned and re-glued to restore the pipes to their previous, leak-free condition. A plumber does not need to be called since this home repair project is a task that can easily be completed by any homeowner.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Th

How to Repair a Laptop Key That Fell Out
by danielsdesk in Computers
Keyboard keys are the main devices that allow us to communicate with our world. If it weren't for keyboards and the keys that go along with them, we would have no way of relaying information through e-mail and instant messages. Of course, with the rise of touch-screen technology, the keyboard may gradually be phased out, but it will always be a device that contributed to the rise of digital commun

How to Swing an Axe to Fell a Tree
by maximumbob in Home & Garden
When a chain saw or excavator just isn't practical, a demolition project may require you to use an axe to remove a tree. While taxing on uncallused palms and fingers, chopping wood is no more difficult than swinging a heavy baseball bat.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Safety goggles
Work gloves

For Right-Handed PeoplePut on your safety goggles and wo

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How to Fell a Tree With a Tractor
by okhomenko in Home & Garden
If you were to fell a tree by cutting it with a chainsaw, a stump would remain.The main reason to use a tractor to fell a tree is to remove the tree and extract the stump and roots in a single operation. With the stump and roots removed, it's much easier to reclaim the area where the tree once stood as lawn area or a landscaping plot.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll N

How to Do a Flat Fell Seam
by green in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Achieving a professional-looking garment from the comfort of your own home means using the correct type of seam. When constructing your own pair of jeans or khaki pants a flat-feel seam provides a professional finish. The sturdy flat-feel seam appears to have no seam allowance, as it is cleverly concealed. The concealment of the seam allowance also prevents visible fraying over time and use.Diffic
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