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How to write Core Data fetch request on complex fetch count
by Roman in Mobile Programming

I am trying to figure out how to write the following SQL in the form of the Core Data fetch statements:

select count(*) from MYTABLE where MYTABLE.size='2';

All I have at the moment is the following:

//setup predicate
NSPredicate *predicate = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"ANY %K == %@", @"size", searchInteger];
[request setPr

Core-Data: Fetch objects from 3 entities into one fetch and sort by date?
by ti22 in Operating Systems

I could use some help breaking down this puzzle.

1) I want to fetch objects from 3 entities ('A','B','C') in Core-Data (they all have different data types, except 'date') - have them in one big fetch, somehow? Should they have relations to a new entity 'D' or?

2) Later, I want to sort the big fetch by date (but I dont think it's an issue for me if I have the whole fetch)

git fetch vs. git fetch origin master have different effects on tracking branch
by johntynan in Programming Languages

This is mostly of the nature of a curiosity as I'm trying to get familiar with Git. I have looked at the documentation for 'git fetch' but I don't see an obvious explanation for the below. Thanks in advance, and apologies if this is howlingly obvious.

1) From a central repository, say GitHub, I clone a repository named 'website' on each of two machines, HostA

Backbone.js - can't fetch data, or bind to the fetch event on collection?
by frogger9 in Web Design

I'm using jQuery 1.7.1, Underscore 1.3.1 and Backbone 0.9.1. This is my Backbone code, in full:

window.Student = Backbone.Model.extend({
window.Students = Backbone.Collection.extend({
model: Student,
window.AllStudents = new Students();
AllStudents.url = "/init.json";
AllStudents.bind('reset', functi

Git fetch failing using jgit: Remote does not have <branchname> available for fetch
by nishar7 in Programming Languages

I have a bare repo located at main.git and am trying to fetch a branch (foo, let's say) in another repo, test, which has only just been git init'd:

|- main.git/
|- test/
|- .git/

Using regular git commands, I can do a git fetch ../main.git foo:foo and this wi

A fetch request can only fetch one entity at a time, right?
by Max Derov in Mobile Programming

Is that true? Or could I fetch multiple entities at once? If so, how would that look like?

(Guess: No. NSFetchRequest asks for one and only one entity)

How can we set Fetch request to fetch single attribute? and also how to apply join query to retrieve data from core data?
by Flapdrol1337 in Mobile Programming

I am using core data which has two tables. I want to fetch attribute "VID" from table "DOSE" and based on this result i want to fetch the corresponding name of vaccine from another table "Vaccine".how can i set Fetch request to retrive just one attribute? And is there any mechanism to join the query through which based on the retrived VID i get VaccineName from other table?

I am fetching the collection from server once the save is complete. But as fetch is async the view is rendering before fetch is complete
by Michael in Programming Languages

I am calling a fetch on a collection and inside its success methods fetching another collection. Once its done I am adding both the collections and rendering to the view. After I save a new item in the view, it saves in the db and after save is complete I am calling the methods that does fetching. All I want to do is to render the updated collection which now should include a newly crated model

How to fetch columns in cursor using FETCH?
by mg. in Programming Languages
create or replace PROCEDURE newprocedur(outname OUT VARCHAR2,outroll OUT NUMBER) AS
select Name,Rollno,Section
from emp;
Open c1;
fetch c1 into outname,outroll;

Here out of 3 columns in cursor is it possible to fetch only two columns using FETCH like i did above??

Fetch <td> text while using WWW::Mechanize to fetch <a> within that <td> tag
by sorcerermerlin in Programming Languages

I'm new to Perl-HTML things. I'm trying to fetch both the texts and links from a HTML table.

Here is the HTML structure:

<a href="Link-I-Want" title="title-I-Want">A-Text</a>

I've figured out that WWW::Mechanize is the easiest module to fetch things I need from the


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