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Excel macro to change location of .cub files used by pivot tables? (to allow .xls files that depend on .cub files to be moved)
Category : Programming Languages

I often use Excel with pivot tables based on .cub files for OLAP-type analysis. This is great except when you want to move the xls and you realise internally it's got a non-relative reference to the location of the .cub file. How can we cope with this - ie make it convenient to move around xls files that depend on .cub files?

The best answer I could come up with is writing a macro

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Javascript files are served up as HTML files when using static-files declaration in appengine-web.xml
Category : Programming Languages

I enabled the caching of static image files in appengine using the following in my appengine-web.xml:

<include path="/css/images/**.gif" expiration="1d" />
<include path="/css/images/**.png" expiration="1d" />
<include path="/css/images/wind_pointers/*.png" expiration="7d" />
<include path="/css/images/**.j

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Git: how to ignore hidden files / dot files / files with empty file names via .gitignore?
Category : Programming Languages

These files should all be ignored:


The following files should not be ignored:


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Recursively find all files under directory A, write “abc” to these files. Only to Files
Category : Network & Servers

I think this is gonna close to work

find /mydirectory -name '*' | xargs echo abc >

But I got:

find: paths must precede expression: b

Need a little help :)

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How to read multiple files in Perl and create different files containing data from those files
Category : Programming Languages

I have bunch of 18MB text files which I need to read in Perl, extract specific information, and write it into a new file for each of those files.

How can I do this?

For example the following code applies just to one file and creates a new file for the file mentioned in the code, but how can I do it on multiple files as I have many of them?

The following is my

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How to Convert .std Files and Other Kinds of Image Files Into .jpeg Files or Other Formats
Category : Computers
Need to convert a .std or other type of not so common file extension into .jpeg or other more common extension? This short articles explains how you can do just that.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions You have a .std file or something similar. You need to turn it into a .jpeg or just to a different file extension? I found an easy (and free) way to do this. Here is what you need to do:STEP 1

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Include xml files as application files and not data files in ClickOnce
Category : Development Tools & Services

By default ClickOnce will include all .xml files as data files. This results in the xml files are deployed in a data directory and not in the application directory.

Is there a way to generate the manifest from MSBuild/Mage that will include xml files as application files viz., not add the writeable="applicationData" attribute.

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How can I convert mmp files (Microsoft Project files) to xmind files?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have received from a friend some files in mmp format. I don't have Microsoft Project but I use xmind. How can I convert mmp files (Microsoft Project files) to xmind files?

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Is there an R package to parse geophysical “Log Ascii Standard” Files (.las files)?
Category : Programming Languages

Is there an R package that can read .las files, i.e. Schlumberger Log Ascii standard files?
It should be capable of reading las 2.0 files.

Please note:

I am not talking about LIDAR .las files here.
I am talking about geophysical
well-hole logging files (not logging files for computer apps, demons and the like)

Searching for R and Las and Logfiles on t

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Adding files to .gitignore doesn't remove them from “untracked files”?
Category : Web Design

I recently started using git-svn, and tried to tell Git to ignore any files that the Subversion repo ignores (mostly binaries and object files), by running "git svn show-ignore >> .gitignore"

Then I ran git status, and saw that many of those files that are now on my .gitignore list, are still showing up under "untracked files". Why? What do I need to do to fix this?

Or a

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