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Excel macro to change location of .cub files used by pivot tables? (to allow .xls files that depend on .cub files to be moved)
by dlock13 in Programming Languages

I often use Excel with pivot tables based on .cub files for OLAP-type analysis. This is great except when you want to move the xls and you realise internally it's got a non-relative reference to the location of the .cub file. How can we cope with this - ie make it convenient to move around xls files that depend on .cub files?

The best answer I could come up with is writing a macro

Git: how to ignore hidden files / dot files / files with empty file names via .gitignore?
by Scott Smith in Programming Languages

These files should all be ignored:


The following files should not be ignored:


Recursively find all files under directory A, write “abc” to these files. Only to Files
by shortylickens in Network & Servers

I think this is gonna close to work

find /mydirectory -name '*' | xargs echo abc >

But I got:

find: paths must precede expression: b

Need a little help :)

Javascript files are served up as HTML files when using static-files declaration in appengine-web.xml
by ussballantyne in Programming Languages

I enabled the caching of static image files in appengine using the following in my appengine-web.xml:

<include path="/css/images/**.gif" expiration="1d" />
<include path="/css/images/**.png" expiration="1d" />
<include path="/css/images/wind_pointers/*.png" expiration="7d" />
<include path="/css/images/**.j

How to read multiple files in Perl and create different files containing data from those files
by Mariocki in Programming Languages

I have bunch of 18MB text files which I need to read in Perl, extract specific information, and write it into a new file for each of those files.

How can I do this?

For example the following code applies just to one file and creates a new file for the file mentioned in the code, but how can I do it on multiple files as I have many of them?

The following is my

How to Convert .std Files and Other Kinds of Image Files Into .jpeg Files or Other Formats
by tobybot in Computers
Need to convert a .std or other type of not so common file extension into .jpeg or other more common extension? This short articles explains how you can do just that.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions You have a .std file or something similar. You need to turn it into a .jpeg or just to a different file extension? I found an easy (and free) way to do this. Here is what you need to do:STEP 1

Include xml files as application files and not data files in ClickOnce
by Matthew Steed in Development Tools & Services

By default ClickOnce will include all .xml files as data files. This results in the xml files are deployed in a data directory and not in the application directory.

Is there a way to generate the manifest from MSBuild/Mage that will include xml files as application files viz., not add the writeable="applicationData" attribute.

How can I convert mmp files (Microsoft Project files) to xmind files?
by phokus in Development Tools & Services

I have received from a friend some files in mmp format. I don't have Microsoft Project but I use xmind. How can I convert mmp files (Microsoft Project files) to xmind files?

Cmake add_library with boost source files introduces references to non-existant files
by Riparian in Programming Languages

we're building a cross-platform utility which must have a small footprint. We've been pulling header files from boost as and when we need them but now we must link against some boost C++ thread code. The easiest immediate solution was to create our own custom library using CMake's "add_library" command to create a static library composed of some boost thread source files. These compile without

Calling methods from multiple C files without custom header files, Makefile Linking
by deshao in Programming Languages

This has gotten a bit lost in translation so I am going to be more precise:
we have classes recursion.c, fib.c, and countUp.c. from recursion.c we have to recursively call fib.c or countUp.c, decided by the input argument. I can't use header files and am only given that I must place prototypes:

int fib(int n);


void countUp(int n);

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