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Git filter-branch --index-filter re-apply “clean” filter
Category : Network & Servers

Git's clean and smudge filters can be used to store a different representation in the repository than is in the working tree. To apply a clean filter retroactively, I can run

git filter-branch --tree-filter /the/script.sh -- --all

where the script touches those files that need to be re-cleaned. Unfortunately, this is rat

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Is there a downside to using “.filter().filter().filter()…” in Django?
Category : Web Design

Are the following two calls resolved to the equivalent SQL query in Django?

Chaining multiple calls


Wrapping all the args together:

.filter(arg1=foo, arg2=bar)

I'd like code to be readable (there are MANY more filter call

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git-filter-branch with --index-filter : strange bash error ( ! : event not found)
Category : Network & Servers

I am using the answer to this question to strip a clone of a repository to a list of files I want to keep in a spin off of this project. Say I want to strip all but directory src/main and its sub-directories. Because I will have multiple files and directories, I use --index-filter instead of --subdirectory-filter.

I thought the following should

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PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer Error when creating a Filter - No Filter Data Retrieved
Category : Software

I'm attempting to create a filter using PerformancePoint's Dashboard Designer. After going through the wizard, however, the "Confirmation" page displays the following message:

No filter data retrieved

Warning 1: Filter was created but no
data was retrieved. To resolve the
problme, follow the step(s) below.
1. Verify that the data source f

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filter-branch --index-filter always failing with “fatal: bad source”
Category : Development Tools & Services

So, I am trying to rename a folder in my repository using git filter-branch --index-filter, but I always end up with a "fatal: bad source" error.

The problem is easily demonstrated on a test repository using a file instead of a folder.


$ git init
$ echo whatever >> my_file.txt
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "init

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Expose a Drupal Views filter as an on/off checkbox to enable/disable the filter
Category : Web Design

I have a Drupal view that filters on a taxonomy field. I would like to be able to toggle the filter on/off by exposing a checkbox on the Exposed Filters form.
To illustrate the problem, say for example the Vocabulary is Fruit, and the Terms are Apples, Pears, Oranges and Lemons. I can select citrus fruit content by creating a filter that says Fruit is one of (Oranges, Lemons). Now I would

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Am I correctly implementing this basic low pass filter (Phrogz's filter!) in Java?
Category : Java

I have a basic wave generator in java but I need something to remove the clicks I get from when the amplitude of a wave changes sharply. Namely when I start/stop playing a wave, especially if I have a beeping tone.

Phrogz's answer on SO gave a really nice and simple function, but I'm not sure I'm implementing it right.

When I first tried to use it, I couldn't get it to w

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Jquery DataTables FIlter Plug in - How to populate filter dynamically getting data from the DB
Category : Programming Languages

I downloaded the Jquery Data Table and the Jquery DataTable.Filter Plugin.

Here is the code i am working on.

var oTable = $('#myDataTable').dataTable({
"bServerSide": true,
"sAjaxSource": "/User/DataProviderAction",
"bJQueryUI": true
oTable.columnFilter({ sPlaceHolder: "head:before",

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I am using JQuery DataTable Column Filter plugin..select filter not gets populated?
Category : Programming Languages

I am using JQuery DataTable Column Filter plugin...It works fine but the only thing is the select dropdown not gets populated...I am using server side fetching..how to do that i.e auto populated?

$(document).ready(function() {
aoColumns: [{
type: "select",
values: ['Gecko', 'Trident'

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JQuery JqGrid: How to filter grid without using local and calling server to filter
Category : Programming Languages

I have a JqGrid that's populated by a server-side Spring-powered data. I don't use local property in my JqGrid. Whenever I search, it calls the server-side to call the specified url in the JqGrid configuration. That's good.

But what if I just want to filter out the existing data that the grid is showing? Assuming the grid is showing 50 records (let's ignore paging or hypothetically

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