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Git filter-branch --index-filter re-apply “clean” filter
by Jérôme in Network & Servers

Git's clean and smudge filters can be used to store a different representation in the repository than is in the working tree. To apply a clean filter retroactively, I can run

git filter-branch --tree-filter /the/script.sh -- --all

where the script touches those files that need to be re-cleaned. Unfortunately, this is rat

Is there a downside to using “.filter().filter().filter()…” in Django?
by Estonia in Web Design

Are the following two calls resolved to the equivalent SQL query in Django?

Chaining multiple calls


Wrapping all the args together:

.filter(arg1=foo, arg2=bar)

I'd like code to be readable (there are MANY more filter call

filter-branch --index-filter always failing with “fatal: bad source”
by Derek in Development Tools & Services

So, I am trying to rename a folder in my repository using git filter-branch --index-filter, but I always end up with a "fatal: bad source" error.

The problem is easily demonstrated on a test repository using a file instead of a folder.


$ git init
$ echo whatever >> my_file.txt
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "init

git-filter-branch with --index-filter : strange bash error ( ! : event not found)
by Serbia in Network & Servers

I am using the answer to this question to strip a clone of a repository to a list of files I want to keep in a spin off of this project. Say I want to strip all but directory src/main and its sub-directories. Because I will have multiple files and directories, I use --index-filter instead of --subdirectory-filter.

I thought the following should

PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer Error when creating a Filter - No Filter Data Retrieved
by Pennsylvania in Software

I'm attempting to create a filter using PerformancePoint's Dashboard Designer. After going through the wizard, however, the "Confirmation" page displays the following message:

No filter data retrieved

Warning 1: Filter was created but no
data was retrieved. To resolve the
problme, follow the step(s) below.
1. Verify that the data source f

$(“article”).filter*(while).each(repeat_me) - loop while filter matches
by JustinDSN in Programming Languages

I'd like to have a custom function repeatedly called as long as a custom filter function matches.

use case:

// filter
function overflow() {
return this.clientHeight < this.scrollHeight;
// apply
$("article").filter(overflow).css_calc({fontSize: -1});

Is there a generic way in jQuery to call the subsequent functio

Creating a Custom Web Part Filter that Sends Data to a PerformancePoint Filter
by 007ELmO in Programming Languages

I'm using Sharepoint 2010 and PerformancePoint, programming my webparts in C#.

I am trying to create a web part that will allow me to send a plaintext (with a text box), filter value to an already existing PerformancePoint filter that gets its data from a Cube. The performancepoint filters are able to send and receive data from other PerformancePoint filters, so I want to implement

Jquery DataTables FIlter Plug in - How to populate filter dynamically getting data from the DB
by artvscommerce in Programming Languages

I downloaded the Jquery Data Table and the Jquery DataTable.Filter Plugin.

Here is the code i am working on.

var oTable = $('#myDataTable').dataTable({
"bServerSide": true,
"sAjaxSource": "/User/DataProviderAction",
"bJQueryUI": true
oTable.columnFilter({ sPlaceHolder: "head:before",

Am I correctly implementing this basic low pass filter (Phrogz's filter!) in Java?
by ugufugu in Java

I have a basic wave generator in java but I need something to remove the clicks I get from when the amplitude of a wave changes sharply. Namely when I start/stop playing a wave, especially if I have a beeping tone.

Phrogz's answer on SO gave a really nice and simple function, but I'm not sure I'm implementing it right.

When I first tried to use it, I couldn't get it to w

JQuery JqGrid: How to filter grid without using local and calling server to filter
by Puffnstuff in Programming Languages

I have a JqGrid that's populated by a server-side Spring-powered data. I don't use local property in my JqGrid. Whenever I search, it calls the server-side to call the specified url in the JqGrid configuration. That's good.

But what if I just want to filter out the existing data that the grid is showing? Assuming the grid is showing 50 records (let's ignore paging or hypothetically

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