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How to Turn Old Newspapers Into Fire Starters, Fire Logs or Fire Bricks
by chr6 in Home & Garden
Turn your old newspapers into a source of fire. Fire starters, fire logs and fire bricks can all be made from newsprint. Fire starters, as the name would imply, are used for starting fires. Fire logs and fire bricks are a source of fuel and can be burned like firewood. Instead of throwing out or placing your newspapers in the recycling bin, explore the possibilities of using them for your fireplac

How to Build a Fire in a Fire Pit or Fire Bowl
by silvervino in Parties & Entertaining
There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back and enjoying a nice fire. I like to have fires all year round. Watching the flames is also very therapeutic. If you are entertaining, your guest will enjoy the fire just as much as you.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Outdoor fire pit or fire bowl
Pieces of Wood
Tikki Oil or Lighter Fluid


Fire fancybox function inside a onlick? Simulating the normal fire
by Jimzz in Programming Languages

This is a massive conundrum for me. I will explain in full.

I normally simply fire the fancyapps fancybox plugin like this...

afterLoad : function() {
/* shtuff */

But I need to pass a unquique varible when the a.gallery-thumb is clicked. Th

PhantomJS: When does onLoadFinished fire, and can it fire before external resources (like images) finish?
by Skipholiday in Coding

I am loading some HTML into a WebPage object and listening for the "onLoadFinished" event. When the onLoadFinished is fired, I render the webpage to png.

The issue I'm seeing is that certain images in the HTML content consistently render when I use a SRC attribute like http://example.com/image.png, but do not render consistently when I use https://example.com/image.png in the SRC a

Do You Leave the Mesh Cover on a Metal Fire Pit While Burning a Fire?
by LukeG in Home & Garden
A well-placed fire pit creates a cozy ambiance on your patio or deck. Light a fire in your fire pit with seasoned wood or charcoal, and enjoy its warmth. Use your fire pit to roast marshmallows or hot dogs. Many dish-type fire pits come with mesh screens designed to keep you safe and shelter the fire from wind. SignificanceIn most cases, the mesh cover is made for use as a screen while you are

Does BeginRequest fire everytime? Which HttpApplication events fire when? Is it different for Ajax?
by got_bainne in Programming Languages

I am a little confused about the HttpApplication events.

I have a SessionService* that is initialized from an HttpModule. The HttpModule subscribes to HttpApplication.BeginRequest.

In the module I create a new SessionService().

The constructor of the SessionService setsSessionService.ServiceId = Guid.NewGuid()

Pennsylvania Procedures for a Fire Engine Returning to a Fire House
by google-app-engine in Careers & Job Searching
The procedures for a Pennsylvania fire engine returning to a fire house may differ from county to county, because the counties set the procedures for emergency operations. However, these procedures are generally uniform throughout the state. Radio OperationPress the "Radio transmit button" and hold for one second before talking. The radio takes a second to establish a connection, so if you spe

How to Stop a Fire With an Aircraft Cockpit Fire Extinguisher
by Chennai in Careers & Job Searching
A cockpit fire is one of the most critical in-flight emergencies a crew can experience. While cases are rare, they can and do happen. A United Airlines Boeing 757 was forced to make an emergency landing on May 16, 2010 after a windshield heater element caused an in-flight fire. The crew extinguished the fire with on-board fire extinguishers.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need

Ideas on How to Build a Fire Pit With Stones & a Fire Brick
by ozymandius42 in Home & Garden
Whether you want to throw a backyard barbecue party, up the ambiance on a camping trip or just warm up your landscape when people come over, nothing beats a homemade fire pit. Several methods are available for building your own, but keep in mind that the best materials include stones and fire brick. Permanent Fire PitThis fire pit is a permanent fixture in your yard, so construct it as best you

The Differences Between Odd Fire and Even Fire Intake Manifolds in a Buick V6
by Iron Woode in Cars
The history of the Buick V-6 engine dates back to the 1962 model year, when the first V-6 was installed in the Buick Special. Two variations of the Buick V-6 emerged. Their intake manifolds determined their characteristics. One version of V-6 was known as the "odd-fire" and the other was known as the "even-fire." Engines TypesThe odd-fire V6s, which had uneven firing impulses, were the first V

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