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Different Types of Fires
by Gold in Cars
The element of fire inhabits our daily lives, mostly in a contained and useful way. We use it to cook, heat liquids and run our internal combustion engines. We can cause it to happen, adjust and moderate it. Fire becomes a problem when its ignition sequence happens outside of our control, which usually ends in damage to and destruction of commercial or private property, and sometimes death. Fires

Causes of Fires in the Rainforest
by Matt Willtrout in Health
Rainforests are more vulnerable today than ever before. Government policies exacerbate the risk of fires. The Indonesian government allowed plantation companies to burn one to two billion metric tons of forest land, to clear it for oil palm and timber plantations. This resulted in a large percentage of wildfires. In addition to creating havoc with the economy, the fires also contribute to toxic ga

What Are Inset Gas Fires?
by weenerdog in Home & Garden
Gas inset fires essentially offer a method of heating your home while providing an aesthetically pleasing focal point for a living room. They're designed to sit flush with a wall as they burn natural gas to provide heat. PrinciplesTypical inset gas fires all use the same principles with the same basic components. They burn natural gas, which is fed into an area within a fireproof casing. This a
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Types of Fires
by timswim78 in Health
When a fire breaks out, your immediate response is to extinguish it; however, not all fires are the same and they cannot all be extinguished in the same manner. It is important to learn about fire safety and understand the different types of fires. Fire is classified into four main classes: A, B, C and D. What type of fire you encounter depends on the material or substance that is fueling the fire
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iOS, orientationchanges, fires in iOS 5 but not in iOS 6
by Henschkowski in Programming Languages

I have an app that presents a UIWebview modally using presentViewController.
Now the root view supports orientation changes and rotates accordingly. I listen to the event UIApplicationWillChangeStatusBarOrientationNotification.

Now I present the modal window using "


How Are Fires Caused?
by HokieGeek in Home & Garden
When harnessed properly, fire can be useful. Fires are used to cook food and to warm a chilly room. In industry, fires are used to melt metals and perform other important functions. Harmful fires are uncontrolled and start in several different ways. Home FiresUnattended candles can ignite a home fire.Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty ImagesFires in the home can be devastating and can leave families w
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What Are the Causes of Bush Fires?
by Chook2330 in Home & Garden
Bush fires are a deadly threat in many regions of the world. Knowing how these disasters start is the first step in preventing them. For a bush fire to form, there must be oxygen, fuel and an ignition source. Fuel takes many forms, including dry grass, brush and trees. During drought conditions, the amount of combustible fuel in wild areas increases, making bush fires more likely. Limiting the pre

Causes of Dryer Fires
by OlioEngr in Home & Garden
Most families rely on their clothes dryer as part of their daily laundry routine. When used properly, it is a convenient and easy way to get freshly cleaned clothing ready for use. However, dryers can also pose a serious safety risk to your home. Approximately 15,000 dryer fires occur each year in the United States, according to Underwriters Laboratory. Understanding the most common causes for the
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OnClick Again fires only Once - VB.NET
by mvt in VB & VBnet

I have an asp:ImageButton in a Datalist on a .aspx page. I also have an img control on the page which sits outside of the datatlist. The datalist is used simply to generate thumbnails. When one is clicked, the corresponding image should appear in the the larger img control. The event fires once, but if I try to click on another thumbnail right after, it doesn't fire the event again. However

Causes of Fires From Smoking
by ms-access in Health
According to Michael Brown, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), fires triggered by smoking have the highest fatality rate among residential blazes. They also have very high injury rates. Brown says these fires are fully preventable. Smokers simply have to pay attention to how they handle cigarettes and make sure they are fully extinguished before disposal. Bedding FiresThe N

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