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Fixed background images jump when scrolling with a position fixed <video> on the page
Category : Web Design

I've come across a strange problem and have no idea how to fix it. See the example:


I have 3 divs and a video element. The video is position:fixed at the top of the page so the 3 divs scroll over it. The first has a solid colour background, the second has no background so the video is revealed when it scrolls over. The third has a background

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Kendo UI Mobile - how do I do fixed-fluid-fixed clickable items in a listview?
Category : Web Design

In my kendo mobile app I have some listviews that require more than one action. I need something like what is show in the Link Items & Detail Buttons demo but more flexible. In my case, I need to cover the following scenarios (all sections clickable):

[icon][text of the item]
[text of the item][icon]
[icon][text of the item][icon]


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“position: fixed” div is not fixed when parent rotates or translates
Category : Web Design

A div with "position: fixed" is embedded into a parent div. When the parent rotates or translates, the child div moves also.

Is it a bug? I expected the child div to remain fixed.

HTML snippet:

<div id="mask">
<div id="page">

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How to have a 3 column layout with fixed left/right, fluid middle and fixed footer?
Category : Web Design

How can i have a layout similar to this?

I have seen a few solutions that are not quite right for me. Examples and comments I have seen suggest this is not possible. (Diagram is missing overflow auto in the middle).

For what it is worth: here is my current fiddle (where I decided to trial a table, hrmmmm).



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How to calculate a 20 character string from a fixed session id and a non-fixed length page name
Category : Web Design

It's Friday afternoon and my brain is fried.

I have a unique server side ID stored in a cookie.

For site stat purposes i need to have a unique event identifier of no more than 20 characters which is made up of the page name and the remaining number of charcaters from the session id.

So if the page name = selectPlan that is 10 characters.


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Drag and drop image from and to fixed position on fixed path in android
Category : Android

I am trying to allow the user to drag and drop and image from on position to another. The screen layout is as follows:

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9

I want the user to grab image 2, 4, 6, or 8 and drag it to image 5. Upon dragging to image 5 I want to load up a fragment. The user can only drag the image in a straight line from it's current position to 5's pos

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One Fixed background full screen resizable, then add a second image not fixed/or wrapper
Category : Web Design

I already applied a background image, full screen and fixed for any resolution:

body {
background:url('http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e7/Sky_with_puffy_clouds.JPG') no-repeat center center fixed;
-webkit-background-size: cover;
-moz-background-size: cover;
-o-background-size: cover;
background-size: cover;


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How to make an element fake position:fixed so it acts fixed until a certain scroll height, then attaches?
Category : Web Design

A number of websites have a feature, where an element appears fixed on the page as you scroll UNTIL you hit a certain point, like the end of a side bar, and then it anchors to the bottom of that sidebar. Once you scroll back up, it begins to act like a fixed element, remaining on your screen as you scroll.

What do you call this and how is it done?

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CSS layout: fixed-fluid-fixed, maintain 200px grid
Category : Web Design

This is my first question on Stack Overflow, so I hope I'm following all of the proper etiquette! I'm trying to create a layout that is fixed-fluid-fixed, where the two sidebars are always 200px and the center content area is variable based on the side of the screen. I have gotten this to work with the following code.

#page-container {
margin: 15px;

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HTML table with fixed headers and a fixed first column for the iPhone
Category : Mobile Programming


I'm working on a web app that's optimized for an iPhone.

On one of the pages, I'll have a table with hundreds of rows, and dozens of columns.

I'd like to have it work so that the first column is fixed (remains visible) as the user scrolls to the right, and the headers are fixed as the user scrolls down (i.e., like "freeze panes" in Excel).


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