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CSS flexible layout: flexible left column and variable fixed right column
by poofyhairguy in Web Design

I want to display the content of the div element in a single row. However the width of the ul element is unknown because it can have a number of child li elements. The h2 would always occupy the rest of the space. each li element has a width of 20px.

It would look something like this:


how to allow for a flexible UI in ASP.NET MVC
by Calve Martin in ASP & ASP.net

We are starting a new ASP.NET MVC project and we would like to establish a pattern of development that will allow flexibility in the UI. The general idea is that we would like to develop a set of related controls as a unit (i.e. a set of inputs and a submit button) and maintain the flexibility to decide later 1 of 3 UI options

Have that set of controls with its submit button be alone
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How to Be More Flexible
by licensing in Health
If you're constantly stressed because things aren't "just so" at work or in your personal life, discover ways to be more flexible to adapt to a variety of people and situations. With a "go with the flow" personality, you'll soon be worrying less and enjoying life more.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Learn to compromise, even if it means situations won't always end up as you've pla
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How to Become More Flexible
by timswim78 in Health
Being flexible has many benefits to your health and body strength. It can prevent injuries, make you more athletically fit, and prevent soreness. Stretching can add great benefits to your daily work out and as well your every day tasks. To become more flexible physically requires time and a variety of daily exercises and activities.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions The number one way to

How to Become Flexible
by denis280 in Sports & Fitness
Being flexible can increase your performance in sports. It can also improve your quality of life, making daily tasks like gardening, shopping and playing with your kids easier and more fun. Unless you're naturally flexible, getting your stiff muscles and joints to limber up isn't easy, though. However, with time and patience you can improve your flexibility and see genuine benefits.Difficulty:Mode
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Uses of Flexible Gas Pipes
by Hugo Hernan Buitrago Rios in Home & Garden
A flexible gas pipe (known as a gas supply hose) is used to join the shutoff valve on the end of the rigid steel gas supply line to the gas appliance. The hose has a nut on each end that screws to the thread on the end/side of the shutoff valve and the male inlet on the gas appliance. The threads are first wrapped with yellow sealing tape before the nuts are tightened in place. Gas Wall HeaterG

How to Get More Flexible for Dancing
by Gerhard Miller in Arts & Entertainment
Dance, be it technical, professional or for exercise and fun, is an effective workout for your cardiovascular system and muscles. Similar to any type of workout, before you dance, you should improve and maintain your flexibility to sustain a better range of motion and fluidity in movement. The more flexible you are, the more elastic, or resilient your muscles remain. Improve your flexibility and p

How to Cut a Flexible Conduit
by Ferzerp in Home & Garden
Conduit pipes protect electrical wires from damage and keep your home safe from fires and power outages. Flexible conduit is used in situations where there is much difficulty in installing a rigid conduit. Flexible conduits should be properly seated inside a connector to secure the attachment. The edges of the cut conduit must not be sharp or jagged to avoid accidentally nipping the insulation of
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How to Cut Flexible PVC for Hot Tubs
by chadrico in Home & Garden
Flexible PVC tubing is not quite as strong as its more rigid cousin, but it does have the advantage of the ability to be wrapped or bent in ways ordinary PVC cannot. This is especially handy in the small spaces of a hot tub, as ordinary PVC would be too unwieldy to use in most instances. Because the flexible tubing is essentially just PVC pipe with some bend to it, the methods used to cut through
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Flexible Django
by Anderson in Programming Languages

There is a remarkable book "Flexible Rails" http://www.manning.com/armstrong/. Is there something similar about integration Django and Flex?

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