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how to code for reducing flicker? need your help with code. win32 VC++ flicker
by Barak in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to bitblt bitmap to mouse cursor position with the mouse movemont.but with flickering problems.

I've read about double buffering to reduce flicker but I'm not sure how to ...
this causes extreme flickering. I've read about double buffering to reduce flicker but I'm not sure how to implement it in this example.
Please can you help?


What Causes the TV to Flicker?
by skulldrinker in Electronics
Television screens may flicker for a number of reasons, depending on the type of television, programming, and rate of viewing. While building an image on the screen, all TV's flicker at an extremely fast rate, designed to be unnoticeable to the human eye. Noticeable screen flicker is a fixable problem, unless it is diagnosed from a malfunction of the screen itself, in which case only a professiona

ASP.NET Flicker in IE
by postmortemIA in Programming Languages

I'm new into developping an asp.net website and when I navigate from page to page or just click on my own section menu, it's flickering in IE9 (didn't tested other IE version yet), but not in Firefox. I searched over the Internet and found this solution:

<meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="blendTrans(Duration=0)" />
<meta http-equiv="Page-Exit" content="blendTran
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background flicker
by AndyD2k in Programming Languages
I am modifying the source code of a pdf viewe: SamutraPDF.During registering the window class of the main window, the original code doesn't havewcex.hbrBackground = gBrushFrameBg;I add this by myselft. But then when I resize the main window, I got background flicker.The whole client area of the main window is covered by several child window, like toolbar, table of contents and the viewing area of

BufferedGraphics flicker
by Anthony Perkins in Programming Languages

I have tried to implement custom double buffering, but it causes flicker.

This is code in control (custom control that inherits from Control) constructor:

bufferContext = new BufferedGraphicsContext();
SetStyle(ControlStyles.OptimizedDoubleBuffer, false);
SetStyle(ControlStyles.DoubleBuffer, false);
SetStyle(ControlStyles.ResizeRedraw, false);

Scrollbar flicker
by Jason Lin in Programming Languages

I have a problem with the way my scrollbars are drawn. Because of external limitations (my application being a plugin running in an external window that insists on painting over any regular child window), I have to use SCROLLBAR-class windows (as opposed to using WS_CHILD | WS_VSCROLL)

For almost every message received, the scrollbar is shown animating smoo

Why Does My New LCD Screen Flicker?
by chardin in Computers
Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors offer a crisper image and take up less space than older CRT-style screens, but they have their own problems, such as dead pixels or screen flickers. If the image on your new screen randomly flickers or fades in and out, you likely have a problem with the display settings on your computer. Changing the settings in your operating system and troubleshooting poten

Why Does My Screen Flicker?
by Rob M in Computers
When sitting at your computer working or playing it can get annoying if the screen on your monitor begins to flicker. It can even cause your eyes to become prematurely tired, cause headaches or simply delay your work. Getting to the bottom of this problem is probably a high priority if you use your computer regularly. There are a few common problems that cause screen flicker that can be fixed or a

Why Does a Vizio TV Flicker?
by yodude7 in Electronics
When you start to feel like you're watching a strobe light instead of your favorite TV program, you know your VIZIO TV has a flicker problem. VIZIO's televisions use liquid crystal display, or LCD, technology to generate the colors and images you see on screen. Because of this LCD technology, all of VIZIO's TVs require some type of third-party backlight -- and it's this backlight that's often to b
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How to Upload CR2 to Flicker
by iMelnik in Internet
Flickr is a free online service from Yahoo Inc. which allows users to upload their own photos and share them with friends. Flickr supports several different image formats, but does not support CR2. CR2 is a raw image file format that is used by digital cameras to save unprocessed pictures. You can upload your pictures in the CR2 format to Flickr by first converting them to a compatible format.Diff
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