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Mac OSX Flash/Flixel Development Xcode
by MikeG in Web Design

I would like to get started developing games with Flixel, but im on a mac. I have Xcode Installed since i also develop Iphone Apps and i saw an article on setting up a template for Mac development https://github.com/AdamAtomic/flixel/wiki/xcode-basic-setup I have tried to do this but it does not seem to work (maybe its out of date?) does any ideas on how i could develop on mac osx or should i j

Change a public var at runtime in as3? (flixel)
by Jan D in Programming Languages

I'm trying to create a guessing game that has the user clicking on different colored boxes to see which one is correct. I have a public var that dictates which color(later image) to use. The code is this in my update:

if (FlxG.mouse.justPressed())
block2.distributionp = Math.random() * 2;
block2.colorArray = block2.distributionp;

Flixel - FlxWeapon not showing any bullet
by LittleCodeShop in Programming Languages

I tried to make some bullets(actually swords/daggers) using FTP FlxWeapon, but some unexpected results was given.
This is how I set up the FlxWeapon:

sword = new BasicSword("Sword", player, "x", "y");
sword.makeImageBullet(15, BasicSword.SWORD_GIF,5);
sword.setBulletDirection(FlxWeapon.BULLET_RIGHT, 400);

Flixel - Alpha not working properly
by shortylickens in Web Design

I have something odd happening when I update a FlxSprite's alpha repeatedly to make it fade out. Instead of taking 150 seconds to fade out completely (I actually want 15 seconds), it fades out over maybe 2 seconds. I tried tracing the actual alpha value, and the sprite is invisible when the alpha value is around 0.95 (95% opacity, ie slightly transparent).

Does anyone know how I can

How to make Flixel ignore transparent images when overlapping?
by Vacant Space in Programming Languages

I created a set of static objects using Photoshop, bunch of walls and gates, and I made the background transparent. The bunchOfWalls image has the same size as my map(600x600x).

So, when i do FlxU.overlap(bunchOfWalls, myHero, heroHitWalls);, this function triggers with every movement the Hero makes because it triggers with every collision detected with the

Make Flixel (iOS port) support retina graphics
by Guid in Operating Systems

In case you are familiar with the Flixel game engine, open sourced here:

How would you go about adding support for retina graphics? Like retina sized textures.

I tried adding @2x atlas pngs and they seem to load, however I guess the offsets will be incorrect as specified in the atlas plist. Changing

ActionScript/Flixel: locking play until animations are complete?
by diablo805 in Programming Languages

I'm currently working on a match-3 style game using ActionScript, more specifically, Flixel. You can see the rough prototype we have going here: http://jonlim.ca/dev/match3/Match3.html

Disregard how silly everything looks, I'm currently doing my best to get the core mechanics of the game in place before we build the rest of the game, but I'm running into a really weird issue.

AS3 Object indexing causing Flixel misbehaviour--what's wrong with this code?
by GarlicBreath in Programming Languages

I'm getting my feet wet with AS3, Flixel and component/entity systems (yes, all at the same time), and my entities (which subclass FlxSprite) aren't being added correctly (i.e., not at all). I've just spent a good two hours nailing down the offending line. If I remove it, the rest of the game chugs along happily.

What's wrong with this code?

public function addCompo

AS3/Flixel: “Access of possibly undefined property.”
by Icecold in Programming Languages

Pretty new flixel/AS3 user here, though not entirely new to coding. Anyways, the error is pretty straightforward in it's cause, but not it's solution.

"Error: Access of possibly undefined property through a reference with static type org.flixel:FlxSprite."

It gets thrown 6 times, twice with the property scrap.selected and four times with scrap.distanceToMouse - I've ma

Mouse pointer system default hand icon (Flixel game-making library)
by JackBurton in Programming Languages

How to change mouse pointer to system default hand/pointer icon hovering button, for example?


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