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JQuery Confirmation dialog focus causes dropdown on main window to lose focus
by Sigtryggur in Programming Languages

I have a JQuery dropdown menu set up so that when a particular selection is made a confirmation dialog (also JQuery) is displayed with a comment field and a yes/no button. I want for the user to be able to enter text and click yes or no on this confirmation window while the state of the dropdown menu in the background remains the same.

Unfortunately, as soon as I click anywhere in t

jQuery .is(“:focus”) doesn't recognize focus on checkbox in browsers other than IE
by Enzo in Web Design

I have a checkbox and a text input. Here's how it works: The cursor goes to the text input when the checkbox is checked. When the text input loses focus, I look to see whether the text input value is empty. If it is, I uncheck the checkbox.

Problem is when it loses focus because I click on the checkbox a second time... The checkbox unchecks and then is checked again, so I can't unch

How to Use Insta-Focus with your Bushnell 7x35 Wide Angle Perma Focus Binocular
by picamiolo in Electronics
Binoculars are tools of the trade for a number of different hobbies, especially bird watching. You can use binoculars to look at birds up close without scaring them away. Bushnell binoculars offer several different focus modes. Each focus mode has its own strengths and weakness, so experiment to see which setting works best for you.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Bushnell bino

How to remove focus from Kendo UI AutoComplete when an Item is selected and set focus on an input element?
by aafr in Programming Languages

I am trying to shift focus from a Kendo UI AutoComplete to an input element after an item has been selected. I've tried this...

select: function (e) {
var dataItem = this.dataItem(e.item.index());

But it didn't work.

How to automatically switch input language when focus and back on focus lost
by Puddle Jumper in Development Tools & Services

I want to write either attached property or behavior for TextBox so that when focused input language changes automatically based on set property

can anyone provide me with sample code to achieve this?

Here is the code I have so far but I want to set and unset language based on textBox focus so when TextBox focus lost I want to switch to inputlanguage which was selected b

checking all children of a submenu to see if any element has focus in jquery, using :focus selector
by Jaleel in Programming Languages

I have a navigation menu which when an item is selected on the menu, a submenu will appear. The submenu can contain 3 possible elements: text to represent a category, a url to take the user somewhere, and a search box with which the user can type data in and hit a button to go to a controller action. For design purposes, every five elements are grouped into one ul.

This is an exampl

How to re-focus to a text field when focus is lost on a HTML form?
by Joshua Johnson in Web Design

There is only one text field on a HTML form. Users input some text, press Enter, submit the form, and the form is reloaded. The main use is barcode reading. I use the following code to set the focus to the text field:

<script language="javascript">

Firefox focus transition failure when focus starts in address bar
by Enzo in Web Design

When I attempt to set the focus to an input element when the page loads, it fails with Firefox in certain circumstances. Here is the code:

:focus {
outline: 3px solid #ff0000;
<script type="text/javascript">
function setFocus() {

How to change dojo content tab focus when closing a tab to focus on previous tab instead of first tab?
by iNate2000 in Web Design

I'm using Dojo's Dijit Layout for generating content tab-panes similar to Dijit Theme Tester Demo. All of the tabs here are closeable.

The issue is: when I close a tab it goes back to the first tab in the list instead of the previous tab (available next to it).

You can think of it like opening a new tab in Firefox or Chrome and try

How to make textview focus like Edittext Focus in ScrollView in android?
by Bjørn Lyngwa in Android

I am developing application with some edittext's and some textviews. Those all are in scrollview. When touch on edittext the soft key is appearing and the view automatically adjusted. The selected edit text is appearing above the soft key. And when click on textview i am showing some hidden view(Linear layout contains 3 buttons) that covers my selected textview field. I am not getting how can i

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