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AS3: Okay to use “Use device fonts” to make htmlText work? (fonts are embedded)
by robvp in Programming Languages

I have a dynamic textfield in which I need some text to be bold and some regular. I have indeed embedded both Times Regular and Times Bold (using CS6 interface). Here is the code I'm trying to use to set the text of the textfield.

txt1.htmlText="<b>Bold text.</b> Regular text.";

This does not work when the textfield's Anti-Alias property is set

Runtime fonts not playing nice with fonts embedded in static text?
by tontod in Web Design

Curious if anyone has this problem:

I save my (embedded) fonts in an external file (fonts.swf) that gets loaded at runtime. Pretty standard.
I also use a bunch of UI artwork generated in the Flash IDE. Some of this artwork contains static textfields (thus, not proper TextFields that can change. Just frozen glyphs).

Here's the problem: if I use the same font in

@font-face for custom fonts, fonts not smooth in Chrome
by Milindur in Web Design

I have a web application that is using CSS3's @font-face to embed custom fonts. So far this has works perfectly in IE and Firefox.

With Chrome, however, the custom fonts appear pixelated and not smooth. Below is a link to a screen snippet of an example of my font in Firefox & IE (top) and Chrome (bottom):
Screenshot comparison

It might be hard to see the diff

In CSS is there any need for backup fonts when applying custom fonts to a webpage?
by Ivan Maček in Web Design

In CSS why is a backup font recommended if I am uploading a custom font for use with the webpage?

I thought the backup fonts were only needed in case the client doesn't have the 1st/2nd/3rd..etc choice installed.

For example if you have this code:

@font-face {
font-family: MyCustomFont;
src: url('../fonts/MyCustomFont.ttf');

Modernizr : load Google Fonts or Local Fonts
by Kumar Anand in Web Design

I'm trying to create a loading system for fonts with Modernizr.

I'd like to use a Google Fonts, but if the server is done or connection bug : i'll load fonts loccally.

Here's my JS code :

complete: function(){
if (!window.jQuery ) {

articles about fonts in linux or fonts in general
by Oli in Operating Systems

I have heard some terms about linux fonts,such as XFT, fontconfig etc.I just cann't figure out these mumble jumbo.Is there any good tutorial/article about fonts in linux?or fonts in general in the computer science.Thanks.

Google Fonts vs. The fonts installed on your computer
by GalaxiaGuy in Web Design

Are Google Fonts as reliable as the standard fonts shipped with PCs, in terms of browser compatibility? Right now we upload a lot of custom fonts for our site, but we have some issues with various browsers (even across web standards). Some say just go with Helvetica, Arial and the usual suspects for across the board rendering accuracy. But do Google Fonts offer creative solutions without sac

RHEL6 server - fonts garbled on jsp viewer but perfect on exports (from same viewer) if fonts added to java font dir, else null pointer exception
by Pepe Araya in Java

Here's an odd one. So I've been running this on a mac so far and all's been well (the server that is, the designer is on Windows obviously). Have just deployed to a linux box (Red Hat) and initially the pdf export had a null pointer exception on OpenTypeFontManager. This suggested it couldn't find the font, so I copied the relevant ttfs to $JAVA_HOME/lib/fonts and the pdf worked perfectly. The

Screen Fonts Vs. Printer Fonts
by LukeG in Computers
A screen font allows you to view a font clearly on a monitor, whereas a printer font, also called an outline font, allows you to print a clean, accurate representation of the type on a variety of printers. Screen RepresentationScreen fonts display type on a screen, such as Web pages, text messages, television captions and movie subtitles. Printer fonts do not display on screen.

How to Convert Fonts to Bitmap Fonts
by Néstor Pina in Computers
If you download a font from the Internet, it will likely be in a very specific file format. If you want to make edits to this font or use elements from it in the creation of your own font, you'll need to convert it to the more universal "Bitmap" graphical file format. To do this, you can open the file and then save it as a bitmap using a tool native to the Windows operating system called MS Paint.

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