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How to Improve Sports Performance With Foot Orthotics and Help Foot Imbalance Problems
by Kneedragger in Sports & Fitness
According to the Hospital for Special Surgery, minor foot problems -- that might otherwise go undiagnosed -- can become worse with the additional stress an athlete puts on their feet. The foot is a complex body part, having more than 100 working parts, and more than 20 bones. The bones support ligaments and tendons, enabling the foot to hold the whole weight of the body. Foot orthotics are designe

What Is the Difference Between Drop Foot & Tibial Flat Foot Deformity?
by poofyhairguy in Health
Drop foot and tibial flat foot deformity are two conditions affecting the ability to walk with a normal gait. While tibial flat foot deformity is a distinct syndrome, drop foot appears as a symptom of other ailments. Drop FootDrop foot---also called foot drop---occurs when paralysis or weakness in the muscles of the lower leg make it difficult to raise the front part of the foot, according to t

How to Move an 8-Foot by 10-Foot Wooden Shed in Your Yard
by nseibert in Home & Garden
An outdoor storage shed can provide additional storage space needed around your house. One of the advantages of a wooden shed is that it can be moved if needed. The wooden shed can be moved without any large equipment, special tools and without tearing up the yard. The do-it-yourself handyman can move the shed with the help of a few friends and a few tools.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions

How to Treat Foot Fungus with a Bubbling Foot Bath
by Andy22 in Health
Foot fungus is extremely difficult to treat and some of the medicinal treatments can even cause liver and heart problems. If you are suffering from foot fungus, then before you try risky oral treatments try a simple, natural remedy.This bubbling foot bath not only alleviates pain, ugly discoloration and discomfort associated with foot fungus, it also improves foot odor and can help soften hard, cr

How to Make an Antifungal Foot Powder for Foot Fungus
by Anderson in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
This foot powder is perfect for foot fungus or infections. This basic antifungal foot powder can work to prevent the feet from becoming too moist, and also helps to prevent bacteria and fungus, as well as help to treat foot fungus (such as Athletes Foot). Just sprinkle the antifungal foot powder into your shoes or socks in the morning before you start the day. If your feet sweat a lot, I suggest u

How to Make a 4-Foot by 5-Foot Fruit & Vegetable Cage
by SeaSerpent in Home & Garden
If you have limited space for your backyard garden, installing a 4-foot by 5-foot cage around the perimeter of it is a great way to keep it contained. The cage will also protect your homegrown fruits and vegetables from wildlife (raccoons, birds and small rodents) that may live in your area. A garden cage is relatively easy to build and install and will make a great autumn afternoon project. Re

Foot Drop vs. Tibial Flat Foot Deformity
by NoTine42 in Health
Foot drop is a general term for difficulty lifting the front part of your foot. Tibial flat foot deformity is a specific condition involving the posterior tibial tendon. Flat FootThe common name for tibial flat foot deformity is adult-acquired flatfoot; the medical name is posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. The posterior tibial tendon is essential for supporting the foot's arch. If this tendo

How to Soothe Athlete's Foot and Bad Foot Odor Naturally
by Andy22 in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Smelly feet that also sweat are an uncomfortable problem to millions. A simple remedy using common household items helps cool and soothe the "walking dogs" safe and naturally.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Anti-bacterial soap
2 aspirin
Citric acid
Baking soda
Peppermint or wintergreen essential oil
Talcum powder

Soothe Athlete Foot Foot Odor Naturally

Dr. Scholl's Foot Care Products for Athlete's Foot
by Ted Leung in Health
Dr. Scholl is practically an institution when one speaks or writes about foot care. However, the issue is not whether there are Dr. Scholl's products to treat athlete's foot, but if they are the most effective ones to use. In treating athlete's foot, it is important to know what athlete's foot is, and then find the product that works best for you. What Is Athlete's Foot?Foot care is very impor

How to Convert Square Foot to Linear Foot
by JulianCT in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A square foot is the unit of area used in the United States and some other countries, while a linear foot is the unit of length. Apparently the direct conversion between area and length is not possible until you add the second dimension to the unit of length. Consider the following example: wooden planks are often priced and sold using linear foot units. Calculate how many wooden planks are neede

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