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C# Windows Forms. Normal close for modeless forms and open modal forms in Using block. Enough ??
Category : Programming Languages

Am developing an MDI Windows Forms Application.

From a welcome (Kind of like a home page) window, user can open specific windows to add or edit entities, say, an Order or a Customer. Each of this opens in its own modeless window (as an MDIChild).
Adding a new record in some situations is done in a modal window.

I am NOT explicitly doing a Dispose() on the modeless

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How can a sharepoint form library be set up to allow users to submit forms, but not see other people's forms
Category : Programming Languages

This use case seems like it would apply to just about every form, but I have yet to find a good out-of-the-box solution for it. Imagine an HR Complaint form based on InfoPath and SharePoint. All Employees should be able to fill them out and submit them, and possibly see the ones they've submitted, but only members of HR should be able to view others' forms. How can I configure the form and/or

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Convert HTML Forms to ASP.NET forms with a silent post and response handler
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I want to write a DotNetNuke module that can take an HTML form and parse or transform it into an asp.net form that would then do a HTTPPost to the page specified in the HTML Form's action property.

We regularly run into the need to use pre-existing forms (from existing sites and Service Providers like Paypal and Constant Contact). Currently, we either use an IFrame, manually conver

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How to Design Forms for Microsoft Office Infopath & Forms Services 2007
Category : Computers
Microsoft InfoPath and Form Services 2007 is an application that is a part of the Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate software package. The application allows users to create XML data entry forms to be printed or published to the Internet. There is an InfoPath Publishing Wizard feature that helps you create a template for a new form that you wish to design. You can enable the form you design to be fill

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Drupal 7 Forms API - AJAX Forms error: An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a form set up where a users selects an item from a drop down. Once that item is selected another drop down is populated. Then depending on the value that is selected from the second drop down a fieldset may or may not be shown. If the field set is shown there is a field and a button. By clicking the button you add another copy of the same field. Once there is more than one a remove one b

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.NET grouping forms so that pulling up the primary form shows all other forms?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have an app that can open up some other forms at the user's request, and they're set to not show in the taskbar. The problem is, if one of the secondary windows becomes hidden by another app, switching to the primary window only brings that form to the forefront.

Is there a good way to "group" the forms so that giving any of them focus brings the whole group to the front? I tried

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Form generation on the fly / Dynamic forms / forms generated from models
Category : Programming Languages

Has anyone tips with building applications similar too wufoo.com? I am building an app where the logged in user creates forms in a similar manner...what i am wondering is if zend, symfony or yii is best suited for this?

I will be collecting tips here for other to see easier.

advantages of the frameworks that could help with this:

Symfony has doctrine (but forms

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Handling data across forms in java and working with multiple forms
Category : Java

I am trying to make a small stat based game in java but struggling how to use multiple forms along with my 'hero' class.

I have 5 classes so far MainMenu,PlayerCreationscreen,GameWindow, Person, Statgame.

In the statgame class it makes a main menu and a person but i don't know where to go from there.

public class StatGame {
* @param

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Django-forms code is giving all of my forms ViewDoesNotExist errors
Category : Web Design

This piece of code for some reason is causing ViewDoesNotExist errors for many of my templates:

CHOICES = list ( (obj.manufacturer,obj.manufacturer) for obj in UniPart.objects.all().values('manufacturer').distinct() )

When I comment out that code and substitute with hard-coded choices, all is fine.

What the heck is happening?

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How to call a form when there are 3 forms in a project and data Transfer between the forms in C#?
Category : C & C++ & C#

I have 3 forms in my project form1 , form2 , form3 and it was running smoothly now i have added one more in my project form4 . The first three forms are already linked up through ShowDialog().

I don't want to touch Program.cs file.

How can i call form 4 first as start up form ? Earlier form 1 was the first form to appear in my project.

Also i have 2 radio bu

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