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I cant get this formula to work correctly in the target cell. What is wrong with my formula notation?
by xSauronx in Development Tools & Services

I cant get this formula to work correctly in the target cell. What is wrong with my formula notation?

The offending formula, which im trying to generate using the code below, should look like this =importRange("0Ak-----------------------VkE5M2c","clan members!A1:D172") in the target cell. but it does not

var source = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();

Adding formula to Excel with C# - making the formula shown
by Sivavt in C & C++ & C#

I wanted to add formulas to an Excel workSheet.
I managed to do so with the Formula property.

The problem is that when I open the worksheet in Excel, I can see that the formula works - but I can only see the result in the cell. I can't see the formula that was calculated in the Formula Bar at the top of Excel.

Obviously if I enter a formula in Excel itself I can see t

Create formula on excel column that all ready have a formula on it
by venom361 in Programming Languages

I am using Excel 2010.

I have field A1 and A2.

Field A3 have the following formula


Now I want to place a formula on A1 and A2 to make the field background RED with a formula if the Value is not equal to "000".

But I cant add a formula to A1 or A2 now because I am making use of it in field A3.

Malformed VLookup formula when trying to use Range.Formula property
by John G in Programming Languages

I have Excel sheets that will have data from many sources that will be grouped together so that what needs to be looked upon is above what you are looking from so there will be many VLookups on separate portions of one sheet.

Sub linkFDCfdv()
Dim doesFDChaveDescription As Boolean
Dim isLastRowFDC As Boolean
Dim myRange As String
Dim fir

If or conditional formula formula in Google apps script
by tobybot in Development Tools & Services

I am trying to put conditional formula in spreadsheet using google apps script but i am not getting the way out to resolve this.

The VBA equivalent to the required GAS is:

Sub ageing()

Rem Ageing Slabs for ADVANCES

With Range("ap2:ap4000")

.Formula = "=IF(u2="""","""",if(u2<0,""Delivery Reported a

Converting string formula to mathematical formula in c#
by Ari in C & C++ & C#

I am doing c#.NET application to calculate different formulas and give result to user,users can enter any formula and each formula values are stored in database like this.

After saving like this i want to calculate the result.When calculating the result,application ask values for variables.But how can i calculate with this values.
Please help to retri

Change Formula Value through another Formula in Crystal Report
by ezzze in Programming Languages

I want to change a value of a formula through another formula in Crystal Reports.

I have a problem: i have a string column in DB and is saved for example "Cars" or "Doors" or ..

and on the report i have all the categories written in Normal Textboxes. (Like a RadioButtonList).

and want if the Column is "cars" it will check next to the cars TextBox. (Like a R

How to use org.apache.poi.ss.formula.FormulaParser to parse the formula?
by Tone in Development Tools & Services

Can u give me the simple code snippt using org.apache.poi.ss.formula.FormulaParser.

FormulaParser class having the method parse().But it returns ptg[].i dont know where is the ptg class...

Please guide me to use formulaParse to parse the excel sheet formula...


How to pass the right-hand side of a formula to another formula?
by Zivic in Programming Languages

I would like to pass the right-hand side of a formula to an R function which then "adds" the left-hand side of the formula and calls gam(). I would like to achieve this without ugly as.formula() constructions etc.

I got stuck in the following minimal example, do you know what went wrong?

set.seed(0) ## set.seed(1)
gamEx1 <- gam

How do I replace the formula in a cell with the output of the formula?
by PliotronX in Programming Languages

How do I replace the formula in a cell with the output of the formula?

I simply need "=RIGHT(E86,LEN(E86)+1-FIND("(",E86,1))" to become "(e)"

Is there a way to do this to the whole sheet? Replace all the cells with formulas with the text they are displaying? I am using version 2003.

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