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C++ forward reference in IOS Project (forward references to 'enum' type)
by Milander in Mobile Programming

I'm using a SDK in one of my projects and when adding in the libraries etc, I get an error from this line of code, which is from inside a .h file. I cannot change the .m since its not available to me. Its inside .a (lib)

-(enum scanDeviceID)ID;

And the error message is:

Semantic Issue
ISO C++ forbids forward references to 'enum' types

Forward, redirect, forward!! How do I check parameters being sent?
by knockout-2.0 in Coding

There's this form that I'm placing on a site. This form submits some parameters to a site which then sends some parameters using "GET" to another site, which then opens the third site.

Now the first 2 sites pass so quickly that I can not see what parameters were passed using the URL.

I just need a simple tool or hint or firefox addon or ANYTHING ELSE on how to track wha

Is there any difference between dispatcher.forward() and <jsp:forward>?
by Massachusetts in Programming Languages

Are the following operations exactly identical :



<jsp:forward page="page.jsp">
<jsp:param name="status" value="visited"/>

How to Forward & Take Off Forward for the Cox Phone Service
by CodeAndLearn in Electronics
While Cox Communications may be best known for providing cable and Internet service, the company offers home telephone services as well. If you receive Cox phone services, you have access to several "extra" features including call forwarding. In fact, there are several forwarding features such as call forwarding when your line is busy, call forwarding if no one answers the phone, remote call forwa

Javascript replace a combination of back and forward slash with a single forward slash
by Ed. in Web Design

in Javascript, I am having some trouble replacing '/' with '/' in a string. I tried this


What's wrong with this ? I am escaping the escape character i.e. the backslash.

Please advise. Thanks
Edit: I have an escaped URL such as http://www.gogobeans.com. I need to change this to http://www.gogobeans.com

How to forward apache forward proxy to another forward proxy
by CraKaJaX in Development Tools & Services

Hope someone can help me out with this.

I have configured a Foward Proxy using Apache following the guide:

I can now use this server to forward my requests.

Is there a way to forward the requests to another foward proxy server?

So basically to forward the requests from server 1 to server 2 a

JCarouselLite - button to scroll one slide forward and another button to scroll 5 slides forward
by YooperDave in Web Design

I have a simple slideshow with a next-button and a prev-button using JCarouselLite:

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jcarousellite_1.0.1.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
$(function() {

Matching until the first forward slash not followed by a forward slash
by RKelln in Programming Languages

I have URLs in the following format:


I want to match until and including the first forward slash not immediately followed by a forward slash. In the first URL that would match be http://abc.com/, in the second URL, it would be http://xyz.com. Can you give me the reg

How to Forward MMS on the Evo
by DCal430 in Electronics
It is possible to share the MMS messages you receive on your HTC EVO with others. MMS messages are similar to text messages but contain media files. Media files that are sent via MMS include pictures, videos and music.To forward MMS messages your received on your EVO, an active cellular data connection is required. Depending on your mobile phone plan, you may incur a charge for using data to forwa
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FX Forward Example
by BiaachMonkie in Personal Finance
Like anything else, foreign currency is a commodity that is subject to market machinations. To hedge against these, forward agreements can be used, which protect the seller of the currency and offer opportunity to the buyer. AgreementSay someone wants to change $1,000 for $1,000 Canadian dollars in six months. Today, the exchange rate is 1:1, meaning his $1,000 will buy $1,000 Canadian dollars.
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