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Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas
by facebook-opengraph in Food & Drink
Whether you were born with a food allergy or develop one later on, food allergies affect what you can eat. Wheat, dairy and gluten make up the most common food allergies, and represent three of the most common cooking ingredients. Learn how to prepare food yourself if you live with a food allergy. Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, which means it's the most impor

How to Get a Free Cell Phone w/ Free Coverage and Free Minutes
by Ali in Electronics
SafeLink Wireless is a government program that offers a free cell phone, free cell service, and free minutes for people who are income qualified, and receive gov't services such as food stamps, public assistance, or HUD.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
An address that the phone can be mailed to (not a post office box).
Proof of ID and of government assistance (FS,

How to Get Free Gas, Free Groceries, & Free Merchandise
by FlyOnTheWall43 in Careers & Job Searching
There are lots of companies who will pay you to shop, and pay you well to report your experience to them. There are hundreds of these companies all over the US and even in other countries in which you have an opportunity to get free gas, free groceries & free merchandise.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Mystery shopping jobsThere are lots of Mystery shop companies that you can access on t

How to Plan Survival Food Storage on a Gluten Free-Casein Free Diet
by Broburger in Relationships & Family
Survival food storage can seem impossible on a gluten free casein free diet. Add to that soy free, which many on the GFCF diets avoid, and your list of possible food storage items will shrink dramatically. Here's what you can do to plan survival food storage on a GFCFSF diet:Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Make a list of gluten and casein free meals that you make. If you buy already prep

*** glibc detected *** ./m: free(): invalid next size (fast) on trying to free heap memory
by GarlicBreath in Programming Languages

I have a small code which allocates some memory on heap and then after its use tries to free it.
I am getting this error with memory map.

The Code is ::

void merge(int *arr, int start, int mid, int end)
int i = 0, j = 0, k = 0, tmp1 = 0, siz = 0;
int *pt = NULL;
j = start, k = mid+1, tmp1 = start;
siz = (end - start)

How to Make a Wheat-free, Dairy-free Dessert Treat for Your Kids
by n3. in Food & Drink
It can be a challenge to feed yummy snacks when you have children with food allergies and intolerances. Here is a great recipe that I wrote. It is delicious, easy to make, and inexpensive. If you don't need wheat-free or dairy-free, then you can use any kind of fig newton type cookie in this recipe. I make these in plastic bowls so I can take them with me to parties when my son won't be able to ea

How to Make Sugar Free Pudding Combine With Fat Free Cream Cheese
by Bateluer in Food & Drink
Fat-free cream cheese and sugar-free pudding are both healthier versions of their original products. Fat-free cream cheese and sugar-free pudding may be enjoyed individually, but when combined and mixed with other ingredients, they can form a sweet, healthier dessert alternative. Find a recipe online or revise a recipe you already have. Even if a recipe does not call for "fat-free" cream cheese or

How to Find Free College Courses Online & Other Free Learning Sources
by Hosein Mohtasham in Education
Always wanted to go to college but didn't have the money? Want to learn a new language? How about take a computer course, learn how to write a business plan or take a business management class? Or maybe it's time to take some college courses from MIT or Notre Dame. Well what's stopping you?
Here is how to take college courses online for free!Difficulty:EasyInstructions Use several high qua

realloc and free causes “double free or corruption”
by licensing in Programming Languages

Bear with me. I have not coded in c in 8 years and am totally baffled why my string manipulation is not working. I am writing a program that loops forever. In the loop I initialize two char pointers each is passed to a function that add text to the char pointer (array). When the functions are done I print the char pointer and free the two char pointers. However the program dies after 7 iteratio

How to Recieve a free cellphone with free monthy minutes. (for the needy only!)
by Tom D in Electronics
If you receive help for low income families, such as food stamps, or medicaid, their is a new program that will give you a 100% free cell phone with at least 40 minutes monthly for a year or longer. The brand is tracphone and the company is called safelink wireless.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
internet connection
to be on public assistance

This is not

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