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Freemarker escaping freemarker
by odunthorne in Development Tools & Services

I'm using freemarker to generate a freemarker template. But I need some way to escape freemarker tags.

How would I escape a <#list> tag or a ${expression} ?

Freemarker or JSP?
by sub-80 in Programming Languages

which one is better? i want to make web based application , new to Java world but not to the programming.....

TAGS : Freemarker

by InfiniteLurker in Programming Languages

I'm developing a small tool based on jersey and freemarker, which will enable designers to test there freemarker templates, locally, using some mok-objects.

I'm sorry to write here, but I cant find any documentation about it except some code and javadocs.

To do that I did the following:

1 Dependencies:

freemarker select tag
by gondalez in Coding

Is there a way to check freemarker <#if> condition inside the <@s.select tag>?

for example i need sometething like

<@s.select id="myId"
list="personTypeOpt" listKey="code" listValue="label"
<#if modifiedTraveller.modifType == "SUPPRESS">cs

Freemarker: Reproduce XML
by jmccliment in Programming Languages

I am working on a freemarker template that needs to reproduce parts of the input XML tree.

I would love to have a macro that I could invoke as follows:

<@renderTree node=node namespace="ns"/>

Anyone have something like this handy?



FreeMarker and JSP 2 tag files
by reflexiv in Programming Languages

I'm trying to use JSP 2 tags within a FreeMarker (2.3.19) template. In order to do that, I need to convert the following JSP 2 line:

<%@ taglib prefix="pagestudio" tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags" %>

into a FreeMarker supported code line. I've tried with the following:

<#assign pagestudio=JspTaglibs["/WEB-INF/tlds/pagestudio.tld"]>
TAGS : FreeMarker files

Migrating from JSP to Freemarker
by nobodyzzz in Programming Languages

I'm working on a Spring 2.5 project where four different webapps have duplicate JSPs (they were all derivations of the same webapp). I want to introduce Freemarker so I can externalize and reuse these templates across all the webapps. However, I want to approach this iteratively since it's going to be a big project, so I need JSP and Freemarker to live in harmony for awhile.

I kno

can freemarker do second replacement
by eferro in Programming Languages

Usually i use this type of data in freemarker:

+- website = "StackOverflow"
+- href = "http://stackoverflow.com"
+- label = "my favorite website."

but today,a java programmer give me a model like this:

+- website = "StackOverflow"
+- href = "http://sta

How to get the url with freemarker template?
by JoeKaras in Programming Languages

I want to fetch current URL with free marker.
Also i need to split the url href part.Is there any method similar to JavaScript method location.href.

Ex: http://www.barcamp.com/homepage/overview.go.
Here i need to fetch the url & also to the split the url and get its as /homepage/overview.go

Please help us on this issue

Freemarker vs. Velocity
by 02ranger in Programming Languages

I'm trying to decide between Freemarker and Velocity to use as a template engine, any advantages/disadvantages you see regarding each?

Any alternatives that I should look at instead?

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