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How to Cook Fried Plantains - Fried Plantains Recipe
by xguru in Food & Drink
This is a very easy recipe and tasty too. If you are on Weight Watchers 1 Cup of Fried Plantains = 4 Value Points.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
1 Ripe Plantain
Fry pan
oil (canola, vegetable, or olive)

Peel a ripe plantain and slice about 3/4" thick.
Heat oil in fry pan over medium heat, use no more than one inch of oil.
Fry on

How to Tell If Your RAM Is Fried?
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Computers
A personal computer performs a power-on self-test (POST) each time it boots, performing a diagnostic test on the hardware installed to the PC. If the POST fails to detect the random access memory (RAM), or discovers an error in the first 64 KB of RAM, it will produce an error message or beep indicating a hardware issue. If the POST produces a memory-related error after booting, and reseating the R
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How to Tell If the CPU Is Fried?
by jazzyfox in Computers
Some computer issues are easy to diagnose and solve, while others take a little more effort to determine which internal component is causing the problem. When trying to troubleshoot the CPU in a system there are often other factors which can cause the same symptoms and exhibit the same behavior. Replace the CPU with a working identical processor and test the computer to determine whether the CPU w
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How to Fix Fried Chicken
by Jim Davis in Food & Drink
Biting into a piece of fried chicken causes a loud crunchy sound. The crunch that you hear is the result of the fried batter or exterior coating on the chicken. Cooking the chicken at the right temperate with the proper oil ensures that it remains extra crunchy. The addition of spices and marinades allow you to customize the chicken to suit your tastes. Serve fried chicken with your favorite side
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How Do I Grill a Fried Egg?
by peitschie in Food & Drink
Many people enjoy cooking outside on the grill during the warmer weather months. While most people cook lunch and dinner foods, such as hamburgers, chicken and steak, breakfast foods can also be cooked on the grill. Fried eggs on the grill are a simple meal to fix, whether you're at home or camping. Fried eggs cooked on the grill can be served alone or made into a breakfast sandwich with a tortill
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How to Tell if My iPod Is Fried
by iMelnik in Electronics
When your iPod stops working correctly, don't immediately assume the worst. Though it may actually have broken down, requiring replacement or professional repair, you can first try a number of steps to restore it to working condition. By running through some quick troubleshooting options, you may find the iPod only encountered a glitch and you can get back to using it. Should these troubleshooting
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How to Can Okra So It Can Be Fried
by Schmidt in Food & Drink
Okra, also known as gumbo, bamya, bamies, and ladies' fingers, is a small edible seed pod from the plant Hibiscus esculentus. It is grown throughout South America, the West Indies, and India and is often used for soups and stews. In the southern United States cooks will often preserve okra so that it can be fried and eaten at a later date.
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How to Tell If the Processor Is Fried?
by Indonesia in Computers
Checking if your computer's Central Processing Unit (CPU) is really dead -- or fried -- will save you money if you find out later that your computer stopped working because of another damaged component. The CPU, or processor, is the engine of your computer: It processes all the instructions from programs and peripherals. Check if your processor is really dead in just a few steps.Difficulty:Moderat

How to Fix a Fried Car Amplifier
by Paul McKee in Electronics
If you enjoy high quality audio playback in your car, you may have decided to invest in a premium quality car stereo system with a separate amplifier. The difference between a high quality stereo system with amp and a regular car radio is power. The typical car stereo has a small amp that powers the speakers. A separate, dedicated car amplifier is capable of driving the speakers a lot harder. This
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Can the Wi-Fi on an iPhone Get Fried?
by Coder Blues in Electronics
Fortunately most iPhone Wi-Fi errors are software-related, and once you correct those software problems, you will be able to connect to a wireless network again.
But the Wi-Fi feature on an iPhone may malfunction completely due to electrical or other issues. If the iPhone’s internal Wi-Fi adapter fails, preventing you from connecting to a wireless network,, the only way to fix that type
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