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Reference class in browser friendly and node.js friendly way
by Colin Henry in Web Design

I've got the following code at the top of my CoffeeScript
program to reference a BinaryNode class from a BinaryTree

Since I want to be able to use the BinaryTree class from
a node.js program or from the browser I have the following
if/else statement to reference the BinaryNode.

file: BinaryTree.coffee

isNodeJs = exports?

How to create user-friendly and seo-friendly urls in jsf?
by luger in Programming Languages

For example, I have class Article with methods getTitle () and getContent ().

I also have ArticlesService with method getAllArticles (). How to create a list of links with meaningful names (formed with #{article.title})? Like:


Generate public accessor class for java friendly/internal package classes and internal/friendly methods
by LeeFlannery in Java

I have a package with a single public facade , with two methods , start and stop.
Because this facade is for something like a 50+ internal/friendly classes package , I need a way to be able and test several of those inner classes directly.

I am using Eclipse and JUnit.

Reflection can be a good way , but why writing all this reflection code on my own , is there a g

Rewritre friendly to old url and redirect old url to friendly
by walkur in Web Design

I'm rewritting this

http://myweb.com/post/5/title-of-the-post (new url)


http://myweb.com/post.php?id=5 (old url)

I have achieved this by:

RewriteEngine On
#Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteRule ^post/(.+)/(.+) post.php?id=$2

But if I try to enter to the old url it's still p

How to keep same stylesheets and scripts url for seo friendly and non friendly url's using php
by Scott Walsh in PHP

I am using php to develop an application, i have different set of url's if seo is enabled and different set if seo is disabled. ex:

SEO Enabled = hxxp://www.website.com/page/about_us
SEO Disabled = hxxp://www.website.com/page.php?about_us
Stylesheet url = hxxp://www.website.com/style.css

The problem is

If seo is disabled i have to use stylesheet url "style

How designer-friendly is PlayN and are there libraries I should know about to be more designer friendly?
by piratus in Programming Languages

I'm on a small tactics game development team where we only have one programmer, and I am attempting to assist in programming. We are both learning PlayN (indie team) and I'm wondering if there are any visual or data driven tools, or libraries that can assist with a more data (HTML/XML/Spreadsheet) driven approach for major components (menu system, story/cutscene system (might also be used for u

How to get id from seo friendly url using php?
by albenik in PHP

How do i get the id of the user from seo friendly url?

Here's the url (1 is the id)


And, if the url is http://www.website.com/users/edit/1/stack-overflow/ in this case how do i find the id?

I am trying to get it as <?php user = User::find($_GET['id']); ?> but id doesn't work.

How do i get friendly url in php only?
by Alan Xu in PHP

I've wrote function in php

function siteContent() {
$path = array();
$strDefaultPath = '/sites/';
$_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] = isset( $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] ) ? $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] : $strDefaultPath;
$path = explode( '/', substr( $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'], 1) );
if(file_exists('/'.$path['0'].'.php')) {
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How SEO friendly is this URL?
by flakekun in Programming Languages

I have this products catalog site.For the sake of SEO, I would have wanted my 'view details' link to look some thing like this

~/products/26-productname or ~/products/26/productname

On my machine I'm using a url re-writing module and it works well. Unfortunately My host(shared) does not support url re-writing modules or Aspnet 4.0 for now. So I came up with a

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Friendly url only for url
by Mansur in Development Tools & Services

Sorry for the bad title name... The problem is that I am using the standard rewrite like:

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?q=$1 [L,QSA]

But it also rewrites paths to all html included files like jquery, css and etc... So, when i try to reach domain.com/templates/js/jquery.min.js - my php script throws exeption because it does not find the desired par

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