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Is it better to go live with a site that isn't fully developed, or wait untill it's fully functional?
by YoNGaR in Development Tools & Services

Is it a good idea to have a website that is setup with basic functions like posting tutorials and registering, or wait until to you have a rating system, commenting system, RSS feeds and much more?

Hosting fileless .svc service on both fully windows authenticated site and fully anonymous site
by Rob Northen in Development Tools & Services

We have a common dll(API) which is responsible from hosting fileless .svc service on the seperate web applications. So our API is referenced by different web applications. As a service endpoint we use BasicHttpBinding and as a security mode we use "BasicHttpSecurityMode.None" on the API.

If for the web application on the IIS "Anonymous Authentication" is enabled our fileless *.svc i

What Does Fully Amortized Mean?
by Tom Berthon in Personal Finance
Lenders do creative things to close loans. Much of the creativity comes by way of their re-payment structuring, with variable rates, fixed rates, balloon payments and other methods. A fully amortized loan is one of the more straightforward re-payment structures. AmortizationAmortization is a procedure for reducing a loan balance over a period of time. It involves applying regularly scheduled in

Fully Decentralized P2P?
by eastcoastj in Programming Languages

I’m looking at creating a P2P system. During initial research, I’m reading from Peer-to-Peer – Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies. That book states “a fully decentralized approach to instant messaging would not work on today's Internet.” Mostly blaming firewalls and NATs. The copyright is 2001. Is this information old or still correct?

how do i fully customize a tableview
by crazy2383 in Mobile Programming

i want to customize my tableview, like the tipulator app for the iphone.

And heres my app:

Android Map has loaded fully
by Caomai in Programming Languages

I have a requirement where in i need to take an image of mapview and use it for displaying in a pdf. I am able to take the image and display it in pdf but the only issue is when i am taking the snap of the MapView sometimes the map is not fully loded.

Is there any event which can notify me if the map is fully loaded or any other way to know if the map is loaded in android app.

Are apps fully compartmentalized?
by CakeMonster in Programming Languages

I am running into an issue that is confusing me. It seems as if android apps are NOT fully compartmentalized is this the case.

I have a Samsung SIII phone and I am building apps that are used as templates. Basically it is the same app but with different content the content is retrieved from our database at startup.

So my process is to create a single app get it working,

Can I use my objects without fully populating them?
by Cadu in Programming Languages

I have situation. I have to create a Sports Club system in JAVA. There should be a class your for keeping track of club name, president name and braches the club has. For each sports branch also there should be a class for keeping track of a list of players. Also each player should have a name, number, position and salary.
So, I come up with this. Three seperate classes:


Can ML functors be fully encoded in .NET (C#/F#)?
by Minh Nguyen in Programming Languages

Can ML functors be practically expressed with .NET interfaces and generics? Is there an advanced ML functor use example that defies such encodings?

Answers summary:

In the general case, the answer is NO. ML modules provide features (such as specification sharing via signatures [1]) that do not directly map to .NET concepts.

However, for certain use cases the

GWT: Is Java fully supported by the SDK?
by Jérôme in Java

Iam searching for an official announcement for Java 1.5 and JEE5 support by Google's GWT (2.1).
I couldnt find any specs which parts of the Java language are officially supported by GWT.
Aint there any statements by Google? So is it possible that all parts of the Java language are supported and translateable in JavaScript? Couldnt imagine!
The only thing I found on the GWT websit

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