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how to run a function that calls a function finished it first before calling next function. Creating a callback function
Category : Web Design

Here's the scenarion: When a user click on any of the images all images(images_holder) slowly fade out then after its gone another image fade in then after 3 seconds that images fades out after that its gone the images_holder fade-in again. The problem of mine is that before the fader is complete the secondstep function is already running. What I want is finish first first step with fader funct

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Passing a variable from created in function a to function b when function b is inside function a
Category : Web Design

I have a function for the class .myclassA, inside this function I capture the id of the particular element chose and I put it inside a variable inputid. This function also brings another function for another class(.myclassB), which is inside the first function. Do you guys have any idea how I can pass the variable inputid from the first function to the function inside it?
Thanks for all yo

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I am receiving the error 'List::showList' : function-style initializer appears to be a function definition' on a function in my cpp file
Category : Programming Languages

First here's my header:

class List
Node* head;
List(object data);
void addNode(Node* headRef, object data);
void removeNode();
void showList(Node* headRef);

And here is the functio

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Javascript: Calling a function written in an anonymous function from String with the function's names withoout eval?
Category : Programming Languages

What I really wanted to ask was already argued in a different page. Please check the following entry.
(Thanks to BobS.)


I've started using jQuery and am wondering how to call functions in an anonymous function dynamically from String

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javascript: executing order of function - nested function return value before function finishes processing?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm just learning JavaScript, and it seems there is a lot of information for folks like me about the way it processes functions asynchronously.

While I am still trying to get my head around this, I find myself struggling with some sharepoint csom because of what I am trying to do. Perhaps I am just going about this completely wrong, but as I said, just learning.

Trying t

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Actionscript delegate function trouble… (myFunction).toString() prints function Function() {}
Category : Web Design

I've got a Vector of ViewToActionMap objects, which have following constructor:

public function ViewToActionMap(_forModule:eModule,
forModule = _forModule;

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C++ calling a function from a vector of function pointers inside a class where the function definition is in main
Category : Programming Languages

Alright, in my main i have:

void somefunction();
int main()
//bla bla bla
SomeClass myclass = SomeClass();
void(*pointerfunc)() = somefunction;
//then later i do
void somefunction()
//some code

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Javascript asynchronous Function Call : Retrieve calling function paramters in callback function
Category : Development Tools & Services

How can I get the user state in Javascript callback function ? Like I have a Javascript funciton making an asynchronous call as follows. Now In callback function I need to access userstate. How can I do this? In Silverlight we have userstate kind of thing. Do we have same kind of mechanism in Javascript as well. Please assist.

Note: I dont want to make use of Global variable as Func

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Can we say “passing a function pointer as an argument to a function is called as callback function”?
Category : Programming Languages

Can we say "passing a function pointer as an argument to a function is called as callback function"?

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How to pass a parameter to a function in controller when function is called asynchronously through a Javascript function
Category : Javascript

i am using the SWFUpload object to upload files to the Amazon S3 Bucket which uses the synchronous way to upload files when Javascript enabled in browser now i want to save them in a specific way (want to add a specific header) which i am going to pass from the view and then use that in the file name for Amazon S3 bucket but as here we are using the asynchronous way so not possible to pass any

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