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Is there any functionality similar to Criteria API in MyBatis, or any wrapper like QueryDSL to provide that functionality over it?
by Robby White in Coding

In JPA/Hibernate, we can write type-safe queries and accumulate our query predicates one step at a time. I believe that there is no equivalent of that in MyBatis, but is there any abstraction framework (like QueryDSL) that provides a layer above MyBatis, that can enable us to write criteria-like queries. My basic reason for wanting the criteri

Constant dialog-like functionality on a particular portion of a screen in a Java Swing application - is JDialog functionality the way to go?
by drudge in Java

To expand upon the headline :

I have a screen (my main window, an encapsulated JFrame) that's going to be created most likely with a GridBagLayout, because I need a grid whose cells are to be differently-sized rectangles. In one of these rectangles will be a malleable dialog-like functionality, with different options depending on the context of the applica

how to do equivalent functionality in IPhone to that of android's share functionality through browser
by acheron in Android

I have created an Android application like Pinterest application, which I start by using share functionality in browser of android phone and tab. This I have accomplished by adding following
<action android:name="android.intent.action.SEND" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
lines in activity tag in manifest.
Now I'm trying

How can we give mouse click functionality along with mouseover functionality?
by Julian Ivanov in Web Design

How can we add mouse click event when already we have mouseover event my requirement are like this way:

Example: - http://wheaton.advisorproducts.com/investment-advisory

Requirement -

MouseOver functionality is working in correct order.
I want to add click event along with mouseover event together -

When user click on any of the images part which is

How to value in-house functionality versus outsourced web API functionality
by Jason Dockery in Web Design

I'm weighing up building a light-weight email marketing system into our existing platform I've developed. The other solution is to use an already existing tool (e.g campaign monitor / mailchip) and connect it into my platform as much as the api allows.

The connection will be a little more cumbersome for the user, there will be different UI's for my platform because the mail tool may

How does QA verify that existing product functionality is still working while verifying new product features and functionality?
by Jaleel in Development Tools & Services

How does QA verify that existing product functionality is still working while verifying new product features and functionality?

Need to turn Rails 3 functionality into Rails 2.3.8 functionality
by j0sh4tran in Coding

I have this Rails 3 functionality: http://pastie.org/1131667
and I need to get that turned into Rails 2.3.8....

Can anyone help?

Basically I need a custom validation function wherein I can access data members' values at runtime.

Many thanks!

functionality of cin in c++
by Nidleb in C & C++ & C#

I'm a bit confused by the results of the following function:

int main() {
string command;
while(1) {
cin >> command;
if(command == "end")
return 0;
cout << "Could you repeat the command?" << endl;
return 0;


First of all - the output line ("c

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Is is ever appropriate to put functionality in a DTO?
by dante in Development Tools & Services

Is it ever appropriate to put functionality other than basic setters and getters in a DTO?

NVL Functionality
by rgmarcha in Databases

The above query is what defines a view in my system. Here I would like to know why the NVL was used.

The thing is that SEQID is a primary key column and cannot be null. so is there any need for NVL here?

can B.SEQID be nu

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