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helper functions as static functions or procedural functions?
by nsavop in Programming Languages

i wonder if one should create a helper function in a class as a static function or just have it declared as a procedural function?

i tend to think that a static helper function is the right way to go cause then i can see what kind of helper function it is eg. Database::connect(), File::create().

what is best practice?

Operator Functions as Member Functions and Nonmember Functions
by Vasiliy in Programming Languages

I am very confuse in getting the idea of operator overloading as a member and non member function.

What do we actually mean, when we overload operator as a non-member function and similarly what do we mean when we overload operator as a member fuctions. Although I know that the non-member functions are the friend functions.

I have a function called by many other functions. Is there an easy way to find where any of it's calling functions (or their calling functions) ar
by in Programming Languages

I have a function which is called explicitly by 4 other functions in my code base. Then in turn each of these functions is called by at least 10 other functions throughout my code. I know that I could, by hand, trace one of these function calls to the main function of my program (which has 30 function calls) but it seems like this would be a better job for the computer. I just want to know w

How to write a wrapper over functions and member functions that executes some code before and after the wrapped function?
by nseibert in Programming Languages

I'm trying to write some wrapper class or function that allows me to execute some code before and after the wrapped function.

float foo(int x, float y)
return x * y;
boost::python::def("foo", <somehow wrap "&foo">);

Ideally, the wrapper should be generic, working for funct

In function ‘Calculate_Duty’: error: nested functions are disabled, use -fnested-functions to re-enable
by Tennessee in Web Design

/* Declare function prototypes */

float Calculate_Duty (int, int);

void Print_Duty (float);

int main (void)


/* Declare all variables to be used in the program */

char more_to_process;

int origin, category, quantity, num_ship=0;

float unit_price;

float cost, duty, total_shi

Haskell Lambda functions — two seemingly equivalent functions, one works and the other is erroneous
by Mark in Programming Languages

This Lambda function returns 1:

(x y -> 1) 1 p

where p = (x y -> 1)

Okay, that makes sense to me -- the Lambda function returns 1, independent of its arguments.

Now, this Lambda function generates an error (infinite type error):

(x y -> x y x) p 1

That doesn’t make sense to me. If that fu

Is there a way to see what Javascript functions (the name of the functions) execute in real time in Chrome's Inspector?
by Thyrius in Javascript

For example, pretend there is Javascript code that will execute someFunction() when a button is clicked and I click that button. I wonder if there is some way to see that someFunction() was just executed. Is there a way to see what functions are executed in Chrome in real time?

If it is the Profiles tab in the inspector that does the trick, how exactly do y

“Nested functions are disabled, use -fnested-functions to re-enable”
by Anderson in Programming Languages

I want to use this code (from my last question (thanks Adam)),

bool AllDigitsIdentical(int number)
int lastDigit = number % 10;
number /= 10;
while(number > 0)
int digit = number % 10;
if(digit != lastDigit)
return false;
number /= 10;
return true;
Is there a way to make Linq to Entities map unrecognized methods/functions to MySql functions?
by Mahi in Programming Languages

Is there a way to make Linq to Entities map unrecognized methods/functions to MySql functions?

I want to add support to some functions like Convert.*

Do C# static functions perform better than nonstatic functions, beyond reduced memory usage?
by ack in C & C++ & C#

I assume that public or private static targets must have reduced memory usage, due to the fact that there is only one copy of the static target in memory.

It seems like because a method is static that might make the method a potential point for further optimization by the CLR compiler beyond what is possible with a non-static function. Just a


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