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[Plugin: Wordpress NextGen Gallery]Album gallery thumbnail not linking to gallery
by swinaz in Web Design

I'm having a issue with my gallery thumbnail on the nextgen gallery album page not linking. Instead of using the given code:

<div class="ngg-thumbnail">
<a href="<?php echo $gallery->pagelink ?>"><img class="Thumb" alt="<?php echo $gallery->title ?>" src="<?php echo $gallery->previewurl ?>"/></a>

Integrating JQuery gallery (ADGallery) into phpfox, unbind(*) breaking gallery when using AJAX
by boonchew in PHP

Sorry this is a bit long. I have successfully integrated AdGallery into phpfox for the user profile photos section. I added some code to use AJAX to get comments and photo details when a photo is clicked.

The problem is that with each AJAX call done through phpfox a javascript function called loadInit is run which does the following:


Adding Next and Prev Button for Thumbnails Gallery and Larger Image Gallery
by j0sh4tran in Web Design

I am trying to add the next and prev button for both thumbnail and larger image gallery. And that next and prev button should support the keyboard event listeners too.

This is the link which I have tried.


I need some help.

Looking for a jQuery gallery script which moves elements depending on mouse position (ie. for a sliding gallery)
by dormsbee in Programming Languages

I want to make a gallery which scrolls left and right depending on the mouse position. So you move the mouse right and the gallery scrolls left sort of thing.



in clicking image id in gallery pass into ui handler running gallery how can possible
by Funkwarrior in Programming Languages
hi i am implementing gallery application implementing two activites one is clicking activity
long k=((Gallery) findViewById(R.id.gallery)).getItemIdAtPosition(position);
((ImageView)findViewById(R.id.ImageViewlarge)).setImageResource( imagesList.get((int)k).imgId);
second one is endless gallery rotating every 5 sec
((Gallery) findViewById(R.id.gallery)).setSelec

Changing click to skip gallery to sliding photo gallery?
by DougoMan in Programming Languages

i just bought a joomla template from template monster.
there is photo gallery on home page which skips to photos by clicking onto them.

what i need is a self sliding photo gallery you know what i mean automatically skipping photos in preset interval.
this is the homepage.

i tried to do it by

how to make a custom gallery sub page using WordPress NextGen gallery
by plonk420 in Web Design

Hi I would like to make a custom gallery sub page using WordPress NextGen gallery plugin.

I have a 'main gallery' page with a list of album thumbnails. I also have a 'gallery-detailed' page. When the selected album thumbnail is clicked on the 'main gallery' page it goes to the 'gallery-detailed' page.

I have deactivated the "gallery page link" option in the NextGen Galle

Android gallery View put image in click on gallery
by Carbito in Programming Languages

i want to display image in gallery view when i clicked on galley item i want to display image of gallery view in different activity but i want to display selected image look like 80% in activity rather 10% image on left side image view in this activity and another 10% image display at right side in activity.

//Here is my code

import android.app.Activity;
import a

NextGEN Gallery loading the same gallery for differents ID
by Johan_B in Web Design

I have a page that shows a list of different galleries, but only the last gallery works.
If I post a gallery [nggallery id=27], the post before this (with the content [nggallery id=26]) shows me the [nggallery id=27] too. Somebody can help me?
Thanks in advance!

how to overlap a horizontal gallery with a vertical gallery
by jrok96 in Programming Languages

I'm an android-newbie and I'm looking for a solution, how to overlap a horizontal-scrolling image-gallery with a vertical-scrolling image-gallery. that means one transparent image of the vertical-scrolling gallery should overlap one image of the horizontal-scrolling gallery (like a cross).

furthermore it should be possible to scroll either vertical or horizontal so that the image o

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