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How to measure length of generator sequence (list comp vs generator expression)
by Brian in Programming Languages

I have a generator that generates a finite sequence. To determine
the length of this sequence I tried these two approaches:

seq_len = sum([1 for _ in euler14_seq(sv)]) # list comp


seq_len = sum(1 for _ in euler14_seq(sv)) # generator expression

sv is a constant starting value for the sequence.

Problem with generator script — uninitialized constant Rails::Generator::Commands::Base::ActiveRecord)
by Pug in Operating Systems

I have an issue with my generator script. Here is the command I am using:

ruby script/generate migration add_stuff

And here is the error I am getting:

uninitialized constant Rails::Generator::Commands::Base::ActiveRecord

I have tried updating my system, as well as installing/uninstalling my rails application.


Hibernate: can I override an identifier generator using XML with a custom generator?
by Jules in Programming Languages

I want to use a custom sequence generator in my application, but the entity is located in a domain model jar that is shared with other applications. Apparently entity annotations can be overridden in orm.xml but I can't figure out the proper XML incantation to get this to work.

I can modify the annotation in the entity like this this:


Homemade Wind Generator Using an Automobile Generator
by Charlie98 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
You can make a homemade wind-powered generator with no special training. Many of the parts you need can be cannibalized from other equipment. You can even use an old car generator, more frequently called an alternator. FunctionWwind pushes against the blades of the turbine, causing them to rotate. This in turn rotates the generator they are hooked up to, causing it to produce electricity.

Python: Function to flatten generator containing another generator
by chr6 in Programming Languages

I would like to know how to write python function which can flatten generator which yields another generators or iteables (which can also yield another generators/iterables ... possibly infinitely).

Here is example:

gen(gen(1,2,3), gen(4,5,6), [7,8,9], [gen(10,11,12), gen(13,14,15)])

note: gen - means generator object, content betwee

Pseudorandom Sequence Generator not just a number generator
by Kbotei in Web Design

I need an algorithm that pretty much will turn a unix timestamp into a suitably random number, so that if I "play back" the timestamps I get the same random numbers.

And here's what I mean by suitably:

Most humans will not detect a loop or pattern in the random numbers.
It need not be cryptographically secure.
All numbers must be capable of being generated. (I've

HTML Generator, Gallery Generator or Templating?
by jbcrail in Programming Languages

SMALL VERSION OF THE QUESTION: " I need a lib for python or program (pref. for Linux) that receives a list of urls for images and gives me the hmtl for a table (maybe easy to configure(rows and look))

I have and array with a list of url's for images, and I want to make a table (I don't know if this is the best practice, but I think it's the easiest

How to Install a Generator in a Generator Ready RV
by FriendL in Cars
Recreational vehicles are most effective as self-contained units when equipped with an onboard power source capable of providing 120-volt AC power. This is the purpose of a generator. Installing the generator into a cargo bay obviates the need for a bumper mount or for constant loading and unloading. It reduces this expensive accessory's vulnerability to weather damage, vandalism and theft. 'Gener

Is there a CRUD generator for Mongoose and Node.js and Underscore? Or a CRUD generator for a similar stack?
by akr in Databases

Is there a CRUD generator for Mongoose and Node.js and Underscore? Or a CRUD generator for a similar stack?

I want to generate something like this:


But I want to generate the html template and other client-side code, and either have generic/monolithic save/query/reads or generate indivi

Error Using Ruby generator in Rails (not Rails::Generator)
by language-agnostic in Programming Languages

Edit: To be clear, I'm trying to use this kind of generator (i.e. with a 'yield' statement) not a Rails generator.

I have the following (simplified) initializer mixin in a Rails project that I could use some help with. What I wanted to do was create a generator to track Twitter API calls (this is just for debugging, I know about rate_limit_status).

require 'generator'

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