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Dreamweaver is glitchy
by xes in Web Design

I have all my pages in dreamweaver done, and all i need to do is copy and paste my template and make minor adjustments to the other pages.

However, when i copy and paste the exact same code from my template page to other pages, it wont recognise the code - Basically i changed the code in my pages to the template page i made, which is working fine, but when i try the exact same code

Menu glitchy on top of slideshow
by Insomniator in Web Design

I have implemented the following set up (after being requested):

slideshow of images changing, after the user mouse over, the menu would appear in the top right corner, it would disappear on mouse out. The problem is that the menu is glitchy when I try to mouseover its items, it happens in both IE6/7 and FF 3.5.

I have tried Jquery hover, mouseenter/mouseleave, all with

Eclipse Android SDK: less glitchy on Mac or PC?
by Thierry Brunet in Android

I have both a PC and a Mac. I've already installed Eclipse on the Mac, successfully created virtual devices, a test program, ran it on both the VR and an actual Android device.

I'm developing for both iOS and Android (possibly others later). I find it easier to have a project centric hierarchy, not an SDK centric hierarchy, so I have things set up sort of like this:


FBRequestConnection is very glitchy 400 error
by Barak in Operating Systems

I get an Error: HTTP status code: 400

- (void)openSession
[FBSession openActiveSessionWithReadPermissions:nil
^(FBSession *session,
FBSessionState state, NSError *error) {
[self sessionStateChanged:

How to Fix Glitchy Graphics on an iMac
by akr in Computers
Glitchy graphics on an iMac computer are often the result of outdated software and display drivers. Software updates are available for free from Apple and include latest bug fixes and display drivers in one package. Fix glitchy graphics on your iMac by downloading and installing the latest iOS software update.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Open a Web browser and go to support.apple.com/downloads.<

AS3: Line graph is glitchy
by tamizhvendan in Programming Languages

Having a bit of a problem with some code I've written. Basically what it does is take 3 values that constantly change and graphs them over time in the form of a cumulative line graph. It almost works except I get this weird line drawn across the entire stage and further and I can't figure out what the issue is. The full code is below, you can run it by pasting it into flash.

TAGS : Line graph glitchy

Glitchy graphing using JFreeChart
by Steve in Programming Languages

I'm working with JFreeChart to plot several TimeSeries charts. It seemed to be working fine, but as of today, all the graphs seem to flicker and are randomly glitching making them impossible to see. If I minimize and maximize, the issue gets fixed for a few seconds until the next update or mouse click. Does anyone have an idea about what the issue could be?

The code is

Images from Database Loading Glitchy
by mitry in Programming Languages

I'm getting weird issues with ie and firefox when showing image datatypes stored in a sql server 2008 database. Before the images are finished loading/caching there are white lines that flash upwards through them. It is not how images normally load in firefox or ie, any ideas?

JLabel movement is glitchy in browser
by ugufugu in Programming Languages

When I drag a jlabel, it moves fine and drops where I want it to, but when I am running my applet in chrome, some sides of the label don't seem to be rendering properly. As in, if I'm dragging it to the left, the left side of the label is flickering, if i move it to the southeast, the right and bottom sides are flickering.

this is the class I'm using for moving the entire label, not

meshobjects are glitchy, but only on Tegra 3 devices
by jkjambo in Programming Languages

Hello my rendering is very glitchy on Tegra 3 devices.. any Idea how this is possible?
Here are two screens. the first one is the glitchy one from an Asus A510 tablet and the second is the correct rendering on my galaxy nexus

And here is my code of the render class:

public class ShowCaseRenderer {
GLGraphics glGraphics;


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