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how to display “GOOD MORNING” or “GOOD AFTERNOON” or “GOOD NIGHT” depending upon the current time using oracle
by Enar in Programming Languages

how to display "GOOD MORNING" or "GOOD AFTERNOON" or "GOOD NIGHT" depending upon the current time

A good library or some good tutorial for making secure chat web application using PHP,JAVASCRIPT
by Matt Willtrout in PHP

i want to make a secure web based chat application(just for the learning purpose)

so suggest me a good library or tutorial page for that.

i want to include these feature in my chat application:

1.one to one chat
2.one to may chat(group chat)
3.online friends should be displayed.
4.store chat history.

i am using:


Is there a good iphone sdk documentation site that provides good examples / common usage?
by Mutilator in Mobile Programming

The problem? I look up stuff in the xcode documentation and find very useful lists of objects, methods, etc... But then I still have to go somewhere else to find useful example code of how to use that object. For example, I looked up NSNumber yesterday and found all of the neat stuff it can do, but I still had no clue how to use it. That's just an example. I'm sure I could read the objecti

Good Programming book with good working examples and is tutorial approach
by smbrant in Programming Languages

Looking for a programming book that is in tutorial approach. Example this chapter teaches you how to do a login form. In the second chapter it teaches you how to integrate the login for to another app.

Basically I'm looking for a book that teaches you real working application rather than abstract ideas. Programming language I have in mind is Adobe Air/Flex, Visual Basic. Functions

How good is Dotfuscator Community Edition? What is “good enough obfuscator”?
by Mason McCuskey in Programming Languages

I plan to release one small, low priced utility. Since this is more hobby than business, I planned to use Dotfuscator Community Edition that is shipped with VS2008.

How good is it?

I could also use definition of "good enough obfuscator" - what features are missing from Dotfuscator Community Edition to make it good enough.


I checked pricin

Is there a good open source app for user profiles with custom fields, field grouping and good search?
by Jules in Programming Languages

I'm on a project to create a skills matrix for about 200 people and am hoping to not have to reinvent the wheel. Users will fill out and maintain their skill proficiencies using yes/no and radio or combo inputs. Skills are grouped by category (Technical, Web, Creative/Social).

It needs to be easily searchable, and being relatively pretty would be nice. Elgg seems like a good start w

Does Harbor Freight Make Good Air Tools & Good Compressors?
by Fezlakk in Home & Garden
Harbor Freight Tools is an American retail company based in Camarillo, California. This private company operates online, through catalog sales and through a network of stores throughout the United States. In addition to hand, power and automotive tools, Harbor Freight Tools offers a selection of air tools and air compressors. Company MissionFounded in 1968, the mission of Harbor Freight Tools h

AVCaptureSession is not giving a good photo quality and good resolution
by camt in Mobile Programming

I'm working with AVCaptureSession for capturing the image. its working fine.
but not giving a good resolution. i compared it with the image capturing by iPhone Camera and i saw that the iPhone Camera Image is much better than AVCaptureSession image.
i have seen 3-4 links on stackOverflow about this but could not find any solution.

and i have tried all the preset

Is there a good iPhone pie chart library which will produce good look 3d pie charts?
by bhupesh in Programming Languages

I can't find a library which will produce good looking 3d pie charts for the iphone?

I had a look at the core plot wiki and their pie didn't look that good...

A good machine learning technique to weed out good URLs from bad
by ThF in Web Design

I have an application that needs to discriminate between good HTTP GET requests and bad.

For example:
http://somesite.com?passes=dodgy+parameter # BAD
http://anothersite.com?passes=a+good+parameter # GOOD
My system can make a binary decision about whether or not a URL is good or bad - but ideally I would like it to predict whether or not a


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