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How to Look for Jobs When You're Graduating
by sordumsoruyu in Personal Finance
Once you gain admission to college, you usually have about four years before you have to start thinking about the next round of applications and figuring out what is next. Finishing your degree gives you the educational credentials to enter the work force, but actually getting hired takes a strong resume, knowledge of the field and interviewing skills. A plan for your job search that outlines your

What Are the Graduating Requirements to Be a Pharmacist?
by Jan D in Personal Finance
A pharmacist dispenses prescription drugs to patients at a community pharmacy but may work in other types of settings such as pharmaceutical industries or hospitals. A pharmacist might also provide patient counseling related to prescription and over the counter medications in addition to answering illness-related questions. Pharmacists are required to graduate with a Doctor of Pharmacy, or PharmD

When to Start Looking for Jobs Before Graduating
by sham63 in Personal Finance
Planning ahead is important to getting a job after graduation. Starting the planning before you graduate means that you'll have time to prepare and take the necessary steps to insure your career future. It's not just about when you start looking, but how well you prepare. Though starting the search early is a good practice, it won't make you stand out from the other potential employees. Job Exp

How to Live After Graduating From College
by Progdis in Personal Finance
Graduating from college marks an exciting turning point in your life. If you're like many college graduates, the time following your graduation will offer you your first experience of living completely independently. It can be thrilling and daunting at the same time. If you feel overwhelmed, rest assured that countless others have survived -- and thrived -- in the postcollege world of jobs, relati

Gifts for Graduating Teachers
by deom2i in Holidays & Celebrations
Entering the teaching profession is an exciting time for a new teacher. When someone you know is completing her education degree and getting ready to start teaching in the classroom, consider choosing a gift that fits the occasion. It is no secret that teaching is not the highest paid profession and that school systems are suffering financially, so the gift may be a necessity for the new teacher.

Grants for Graduating Seniors
by iNate2000 in Education
Senior year comes and goes and then it's time to start over by becoming a college freshman. Besides the pressures of college looming before you, there's only one obstacle that may be worse than any college exam: paying for it. However, there are numerous grants available to graduating seniors. In fact, there are over 1,000 grant programs that are offered by federal agencies. Federal Pell Grants

How to Take the NCLEX Over a Year After Graduating
by Mariocki in Education
The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) was developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to assess the knowledge and competence of professional nurse candidates. The test determines whether or not a nurse will receive a license to practice as a registered nurse. To be eligible to sit for the examination, you must meet the licensing guidelines of the state in which you wo

Issues for a Graduating Teen
by bigrod in Parenting
Graduating teens face many life choices and some of the biggest decisions they will ever make. Parents and invested adults hope that teens make solid choices. SchoolThe graduating teen may wonder if he should continue with his education. He may plan to attend college, but have difficulty choosing a school or a major. If his school of choice is near his home, he will need to decide if he will li

Tax Credit for Graduating From College
by JoseWalrus in Personal Finance
The federal government provides several tax credits and deduction opportunities for students and their parents. These credits and deductions reduce students' taxable income or the actual tax amount they may owe. Educational tax credits and deductions are for students who have paid for tuition and other education-related expenses. However, they are not contingent on graduating from a particular deg

How to Make a Resume Without Graduating First
by Henry in Business
Your resume lists skills you have learned, jobs you have held and schools you graduated from. If you haven’t yet graduated, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your resume; it just means you need to add a few extra details. Employers generally don’t mind if you submit your resume prior to graduation, as long as you do expect to graduate. The way in which you create your resu

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