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A proper way to propagate property change event from grand (grand-grand) child to parent
by Pakistan in Programming Languages

I'm looking for a proper way to propagate a property change event from grand child to its parent.
Let's say we have some tree structure and the root of this tree should be notified when some property changes in one of its leaves.
One way, I guess, is to add property change listener from a node to its children and re-fire, in turn, the event to predecessor.
Another way is to have

What Is the Difference Between Grand Larson & Grand Theft?
by ruby-on-rails in Legal
Many people believe that the terms "theft" and "larceny" are synonyms or use them interchangeably. In fact, theft is a far broader term, and larceny is only one type of theft. Theft crimes include any crime where one individual takes another person's property without permission for his own use. The most common theft crimes are larceny, robbery, embezzlement, and false pretenses, although many stat

Baby Grand Piano Vs. Grand Piano
by mii in Arts & Entertainment
After hundreds of years of innovation, the piano now comes in many different shapes and sizes. The piano you are probably most familiar with is the grand piano, with its great size and elegance; it is usually the piano of choice for most performance halls. The grand piano, however, comes in a couple different sizes. Basically, the sizes break down to three general categories: baby grand, medium gr

Grand Piano vs. Mini Grand Piano
by Stuka in Arts & Entertainment
Buying a piano represents an investment in your musical future. Several factors will determine the type of instrument you buy. While you may want a vertical or acoustic piano, most experts recognize that a grand piano offers the best quality product of the three, albeit the most expensive. You also need to consider your space, the instrument's appearance and who will play it. If you have already d

Where Is the PCM on a Grand Am?
by eataix in Cars
The Pontiac Grand Am has many parts incorporated in its design. Locating a large part is simple because it stands out. However, if you're trying to locate the Powertrain Control Module, this may cause a level of difficulty. Significance of PCMThe PCM is an electrical computer that stabilizes the many sensors that your Pontiac Grand Am has. Without the PCM, things such as coolant malfunctions an
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How to Install a Grand Am Hub
by seigel in Cars
The hub assembly, which includes the wheel bearings, ensures the drive axle rotates smoothly, acting as a buffer between the other suspension components. The other suspension components rely on a smoothly operating hub assembly to avoid excessive wear. After removal, the hub assembly can be quickly installed by most novice mechanics. The only special tool needed for this task is a torque wrench, w
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Causes of Grand Mal Seizures
by Master843 in Health
The Merck Index defines a seizure as a periodic disturbance in the brain's electrical activity that results in some degree of temporary brain dysfunction. A grand-mal seizure is a specific type of seizure that can be caused by a number of underlying health reasons, or the cause can also be unknown. DefinitionA grand-mal seizure is classified as a generalized seizure because it is caused by an e

How to Recharge the Air on a '97 Grand Am
by MikeT in Cars
If your 1997 Pontiac Grand Am runs out of R134a refrigerant, the air conditioner will no longer blow cold air; however, this does not mean the air conditioner is broken or has developed a significant leak. Refrigerant naturally leaks out over time. When that happens, recharging the Freon level will bring the air conditioner back to life on those hot summer days. Recharging the Freon is a relativel
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How to Get Jin in Grand Chase
by msg in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Grand Chase" is a massive multiplayer online role playing game. Players choose a hero to play at the start of the game but can do missions to unlock new characters. Players buy these missions from the game's stores using game points they earned while playing. Each missions gives detailed instructions on what steps to perform in order to unlock specific characters. Jin is one of these unlockable c
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Information on the Grand Am
by Derek in Cars
The Grand Am was a mid-sized car that Pontiac introduced in 1973. Pontiac discontinued the model in 1980, then reintroduced it in 1985 as a compact sedan, which then became the manufacturer's best-selling car. SedanPontiac offered the Grand Am with either a four- or six-cylinder engine. Compared to the Firebird and the GTO, the Grand Am was decidedly more conservative, in design and power. But

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