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cpp graphical menu
by ShiggityShaw in Programming Languages

I am making a new graphical menu interface for a project I am making. I don't want to use the menu system provided by windows APIs and want to make one from scratch.

My question is, what is the best method for setting up the structure?

I'm thinking I will need a menu item object, each of which will have to have their own item array list, etc...

Is it consider

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Graphical net and text
by CurrentlyPissed in Programming Languages

My task is to make a control, that behaves itself like RichTextBox, but contains a graphical net.
The only task, this net is solving, is to be visible.

It should be solution in overriding OnPaint method, but it doesn't.

This code:

protected override void OnPaint(System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs e)
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c++ graphical programming
by Greenman in Development Tools & Services

I'm new to c++ 3D, so I may just be missing something obvious, but how do I convert from 3D to 2D and (for a given z location) from 2D to 3D?

iOS Graphical Issue
by Bernhard in Web Design

so I am creating a side scrolling shooter game but am having an issue with some of the graphics occasionally. I'm running into this mysterious line that appears. As you can see on the image below it appears on some but not all the sprites. How can I go about fixing this? Is this mine or the artists mistake?

I am developing with Cocos2d and using a CCSpriteBatchNode and my sprite sh

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Qt graphical button
by RoBo in Programming Languages

I'd like to create a button in Qt that is the size and shape of a PNG that I give it. I've tried using a QToolButton with setAutoRaise set to true so that the 3D frame only appears on mouseover and press, but I don't want that 3D frame to extend beyond the PNG. Setting the icon size and/or the button's min and max sizes isn't helping.

In other words, I'd like the functionality of bu

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Java Graphical Log
by kivava in Development Tools & Services

I'm looking for a modular Log component for my Java applications with functionality similar to LogCat from the Android DDMS suite. Any ideas where I can find one? I would prefer it to be a standard component, rather than an Eclipse Plugin

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Graphical editor using Javascript
by Jason Lin in Javascript

I want to make an online card-making application. It should basically allow users to place available images into the template of the card, write text on it and decorate it - basic card customization. What javascript graphics library would be useful for this project ? Finally I would like to have a high resolution/vector image as the output which can be printed easily.

How to get the text between the given graphical points?
by ChaseVoid in Web Design

Is there any way to get the text, which lies between two given graphical points on the current page using Javascript?

Say, it is given two points p1=(x1,y1) and p2=(x2, y2).
How can I get the text which lies between p1 and p2 on the current HTML/web page?

My requirement is: When we mousedown on a page

Other Debuggers with graphical output like DDD
by Matt Croydon in Development Tools & Services

Is there any other debugger that tries to give some more graphical representation of datastructures after hitting a breakpoint?

I'm planning to write a Debugger myself and would like to see what the competition can do. Especially for (dynamically typed) script languages i think it would be nice as often you can only guess what data is exactly there.

Are there some better

NSScroller graphical glitches/lag
by California in Programming Languages

I have the following NSScroller subclass that creates a scroll bar with a rounded white knob and no arrows/slot (background):

@implementation IGScrollerVertical
- (void)drawKnob
NSRect knobRect = [self rectForPart:NSScrollerKnob];
NSRect newRect = NSMakeRect(knobRect.origin.x, knobRect.origin.y, knobRect.size.width - 4, knobRect.size.height);

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