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Java - Graphics - Graphics object passed to paint() is different from Graphics object in JPanel instance
by diablo805 in Development Tools & Services

I have a JPanel that draws shapes and allows those shapes to be selected. I'm starting to add the capability to transform this view using the AffineTransform object, in conjunction with the Graphics2D object.

In my paint() method, of course a Graphics object is passed in. I set a new transform on that object (in this case, just scaling things by 2), and everything in the paint() met

for heavy graphics apps in c# which will be more efficient double buffering or Buffered Graphics?
by WellBeing in C & C++ & C#

hello i have a heavy graphics application where i have to draw the graphics in 2-10 seconds every time this time varies depending upon the source application which is sending data to my application via UDP;

i have some static graphics there is no change in them some are semi dynamic that means some time they are updated and normally remains unchanged and all other graphics are dynam

How to Disable the Onboard Graphics and Install a New Graphics Card in a HP Pavilion 6630
by turret in Computers
The HP Pavilion 6630 has a graphics card integrated on the system board. When you install a new graphics card in an HP Pavilion 6630, you have to disable the onboard graphics card first, so that it doesn't interfere with your new graphics card. HP also recommends reinstalling the onboard card first to make sure it's correct.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Turn on the computer. Press the

How to Install Graphics Drivers for Intel 81O Graphics Cards on Ubuntu
by cmt95 in Computers
Like other distributions of Linux, Ubuntu is an open-source operating system and by default does not include any components that are not also open source and free to modify and distribute. Unlike many other graphics-card manufacturers, Intel does not copyright or restrict the code for its drivers -- the software that tells operating systems how to interface with the cards. Thus it's easy to instal

Graphics Aperture Size for Intel Extreme Graphics
by buschman31 in Computers
Personal computers are increasingly being used as entertainment systems in addition to work stations, and that requires keeping up with the robust graphics found in computer games and movies. You can get the most from your Intel computer with the right aperture size. FunctionThe accelerated graphics port (AGP) enables your computer to render graphics quickly and smoothly using random access mem

How to store and retrieve graphics before message box(Graphics rectangle) in c or c++
by ISAslot in C & C++ & C#

Like in windows application when some event occurs, message box is appeared, click OK then previous window appears.
Is it possible with c, c++ graphics application that display message box when some event occurs? It should show message box(rectangle graphic) and when pressed OK, it will disappear and displays previous screen (before message box appears).

I am using TC++ editor.

How to Change to a Graphics Card From Integrated Graphics
by artvscommerce in Computers
Many computers are purchased with integrated graphics built into the motherboard. Integrated graphics are getting more powerful all the time, but a dedicated graphics card is much more powerful than graphics integrated with your motherboard, according to the Microsoft website. To get more power and performance from your computer, upgrade to a dedicated graphics card. To change to a graphics card f

Why Is My Graphics Card Slower Than Onboard Graphics?
by greggerz in Computers
If you have installed a graphics card and find that your graphics performance is actually worse than onboard graphics, it is likely that you installed an outdated PCI graphics card on a motherboard with the faster and more advanced PCI-E onboard. SignificanceAlthough a graphics card's GPU or graphics processing unit appears higher in capacity than that of a computer's default pre-installed onbo

How to copy a System.Drawing.Graphics over another Graphics?
by Martin Dobrev in Programming Languages

We got some code that implement printing using Printdocument and it does all the drawing directly on the Graphics object received in the PrintEventArgs. It would be more convenient if the code doing the drawing used another canvas and we would add this canvas to the PrintEventArgs Graphics after. Since the code already depends on

Can I use System resources for Graphics instead of a graphics card?
by Lafe in Programming Languages

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question but I'm sure I will be told if it is wrong quick enough :-)

I have a amd fx-6100 with 16GB ram and a ati HD5450 2GB graphics card running windows7. I am finding that I can't play some of the newer PC games such as battlefield3 on my PC so the question is can I dedicate a core or two with a few GB of ram from the system re

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