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How to make charts/graphs (such as line graphs, bar graphs, circle graphs), etc. in C++, Qt, QML, Blackberry 10 Cascades Beta 3 SDK?
by Granville Barnett in C & C++ & C#

I need to know how to make charts/graphs in Blackberry 10 Cascades Beta 3 SDK, QML, Qt, C++. If anyone can show me an example or point me to something that shows me how to do this, it would be much appreciated.

Excel graphs: how can I update the series for multiple graphs in one go?
by kalfa in Coding

I have 5 graphs on a tab refering to Sheet ABC. I am duplicationg the tab with the graphs and then making this new set refer to Sheet DEF. The series ranges are exactly the same, it's just the name of the tab that changes.

It's taking a while to go through all the series and replcaing the ABC with DEF. I tried a find and replace and it wasn't successful (I don't know why). Is there

How Do I Know to Use Line Graphs or Bar Graphs When Using Different Scientific Data?
by Steve in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Line graphs are set along an x- and y-axis to show changes in a statistic over time, represented by a more-or-less horizontal line that raises or lowers. Bar graphs can also show changes over time, but they cannot show continuous change (the changes must be incremental); bar graphs compare multiple statistics based on the height of the bars. Choosing the appropriate graph is essential to accuratel

The Difference Between Bar Graphs and Line Graphs
by Germany in Personal Finance
Graphs and charts are useful ways of representing statistics graphically. They give a much better sense of comparison between statistics than would a simple table of numbers. The two most common forms are the line graph and the bar graph. The Two Kinds of GraphLine graphs and bar graphs are visual representations of statistics. Both feature two axes, the horizontal x-axis and the vertical y-axi

What Is the Difference Between Double Bar Graphs & Pie Graphs?
by scosant in Education
A graph presents data visually. Two types are double bar graphs and pie graphs. Each type shows data in a simple and clean display but for different purposes. Double Bar GraphA double bar graph is a variation of a traditional bar graph. The single bar graph includes an x and y horizontal and vertical axis, respectively. One axis displays a value, while the other displays a label. For example, a

How to Convert Position Time Graphs to Velocity Time Graphs
by MikeT in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The position of an object over time is directly related to how quickly the object is moving during that time. This direct relationship is displayed in their graphs. A mathematical definition of a quantity, called a function, can be manipulated in such a way as to give another function, called a derivative, which describes the slope of the initial function. A velocity-time graph is the derivative o

How to plot 3d graphs from multiple .dat files (or from multiple 2d graphs)?
by Matias in Programming Languages

In my project I basically need to plot 3D color coded surface graphs using MATLAB taking input from multiple .dat files ' kind of a text file'.
each .dat file contains a list of values of REFLECTION R wrt to launch angle theta. each file is for a specific value of lambda ( wavelength). so by taking multiple .dat files I need to plot. 3D graph in MATLAB wherein x axis is theta, y axis is R

3D graphs in OBI 11
by CodeAndLearn in Programming Languages

I need to make a 3D line-chart in Oracle BI 11g R1
There are two dimensions : Country and Time, the measure is Amount Sold, how can I make a 3D chart with Country and Time on x,z Axes, and Amount Sold on y?

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How to Use Bar Graphs
by orson in Education
Bar graphs allow you to clearly present data in a visual way. The bars are set up either horizontally or vertically to show the amount of changes and allow you to compare data from several different kinds of categories of information at a single point in time. For example, a bar chart would allow you to compare the population of several different countries at one time.
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Fun Bar Graphs
by Salikh in Education
Bar graphs are one way to represent data. They are good for comparing values of different individuals. Charts and graphs can seem boring, but they can also be fun if you choose a fun format. A bar graph is essentially a picture, and what student doesn't like pictures? Living Bar GraphMake a bar graph using the students in the classroom. Find an open space large enough for all of the students to
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