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How to Grow Green Peppers in Pots From Green Pepper Seeds
by Fırat Can Başarır in Home & Garden
Gardeners that live in apartments, have no yard space or have poor soil conditions can grow green peppers in pots. Green peppers are well suited for containerized growth. The pepper is a warm-season vegetable crop. It performs best when all remnants of winter's frosts and freezes have left the region. Green peppers come in a wide variety of cultivars including California Wonder, King Arthur and Yo

Why Are My Cucumber Plants a Light Green Instead of a Healthy Dark Green?
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Home & Garden
Cucumbers are enthusiastic relatives of squash that can take over a garden in short order; however, even these vigorous growers can run into problems. Several factors could cause a cucumber plant to have pale or yellowed leaves. Light Green or Yellow LeavesCucumbers may develop chlorosis, a lack of chlorophyll in the leaves, which makes them turn light green or yellow. Too much water, low light

What Does a Plant Need to Change Light Green Foliage to Dark Green?
by Anderson in Home & Garden
Plant foliage naturally comes in a wide range of colors from red to green to yellow and white. These colors are the result of organic pigments, each of which has its purpose to the success of the plant and each of which absorb light at different wavelengths. Each pigment also requires different minerals. SunlightShade leaves and sun leaves often are different shades of green. Leaves growing in

What Is the Difference Between Green Chilies & Green Jalapeno Peppers?
by scsscs in Food & Drink
There are many types of green chili peppers, a generic term referring to any type of green plant in classified under the genus Capsicum. Green jalapeno peppers are one example of a green chili plant. Other examples include green bell peppers, poblano peppers and some paprika peppers. OriginsJalapeno peppers originated in Mexico, but grow as far north as the middle belt of the United States and

Small Green Worm on Green Bean Plants
by DougoMan in Home & Garden
Green beans are a popular home garden vegetable ranking second to tomatoes, as cited by the University of Illinois Extension. The warm season vegetable comes in bush and pole varieties and is highly sensitive to frost and low temperatures. Small green worms are likely pests of green beans. IdentificationGreen bean plants are likely to get infested with the lesser cornstalk borer. The blue-green

What Is the Difference Between a Rough Green & Smooth Green Snake?
by Piercarlo Slavazza in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The rough green snake and the smooth green snake are both species found in North America, known respectively as Opheodrys aestivus and Opheodrys vernalis. They are both fairly docile and non-poisonous, eating insects and similar small creatures. They are both found in wetter, greener climates where there is an abundance of both cover and food. Because of their similarities, it can be difficult for

Green Giant Steamed Green Beans Nutrition
by poofyhairguy in Food & Drink
Green Giant steamed green beans are a fat-free vegetable option that make a great addition to almost any meal. Steamed green beans are an easy-to-prepare and low-calorie source of many vitamins and minerals. Micro-SteamingGreen Giant frozen green beans are available in microwave-ready steamable bags. Microwave steaming is easy and fast and also retains more of vegetables' nutrients than boiling

How Much Green Green Food Do I Give My Lucky Bamboo?
by boomerang in Home & Garden
Lucky bamboo is not a bamboo, but rather cane cuttings of Dracaena sanderana. The plant thrives in water alone, but occasionally needs feeding. Use Green Green plant food as directed to replenish your lucky bamboo's needed nutrients. Using Green Green Plant FoodGreen Green is sold as lucky bamboo plant food. It contains the right balance of phosphoric acid, nitrogen and potassium for sensitive

How Often Do I Use Green Green Lucky Bamboo Plant Food?
by Vasiliy in Home & Garden
Green Green, by Dong Buk USA, Inc., is a brand of plant fertilizer. This pre-mixed liquid, which contains a mixture of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, qualifies as a complete fertilizer -- the plant equivalent of a multi-vitamin. Green Green is advertised for use with both indoor and outdoor plants, specifically lucky bamboo plants. FrequencyAdd Green Green fertilizer on a weekly basis. Fe

How to Turn Mint Green Into Sage Green
by CrimsonGore in Home & Garden
The color that you loved on the paint swatch doesn't look the same after painting the walls with it. Aiming for a natural, sage green hue, you ended up with walls that look like mint ice cream. Change a room's mint green walls into sage green by painting over them with semitransparent glaze made from your leftover paint. The transparent quality will allow the original mint green to filter through

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