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I have a gridview i have customize gridview using labels .. i wanna copy the label in cell 2 to textbox outside gridview?
by Charlie98 in Programming Languages

I have a gridview i have customize gridview using labels .. i wanna copy the label in cell 2 to textbox outside gridview ?

Is there an order to call gridView.EndDataUpdate, gridView.EndUpdate, gridView.EndSummaryUpdate?
by Shailja in Programming Languages

If I want to use gridView.EndDataUpdate (gridView.BeginDataUpdate) and gridView.EndSummaryUpdate (gridView.BeginSummaryUpdate) together, which one should be the correct order?
Order 1:


Order 2:

How to find textbox in GridView using javascript function fired on “Onclientsideselectedindexchanged” of a radcombobox in same GridView RSS
by Colorado in Javascript

I have two controls a textbox and a radcombobox in ItemTemplate of a GridView. What I want to do is when the event onclientsideselectedindexchanges of radcombobox is fired. I want to show/Hide the textbox on client side with javascript.

Basic purpose of this is to avoid post back to show the textbox which will be databound to database.

If it is not possible to do on CLie

How to hide Template Field Edit column in Gridview based on Gridview Row Count
by jbcrail in Programming Languages

I have a gridview, where i can add/delete rows. I dont want to give the delete option on the first row, that is I can delete any row but not the first one. How can i disable edit option for the first row ?

How to retrieve tha datas from the DB to the Gridview based on the value i have selected in the anither Gridview control?
by Greenman in Programming Languages
I am a beginner in Dot net Domain.Presently Im creating a web portal for one of our client.In my portal i have displayed the News headline and a button for details in a Grid view. when i click on the button it has to show the detailed news from DB in another grid view. I have done a code on it.,but it shows some error.I have displayed the code below.Please help me to overcome this probl

select datetime in gridview and change next textbox value upon date selection in gridview
by Martin Koch in Web Design

Scenario is i have a date time column in grid view, upon selection on date time column i need to show calculated value in next column's text box in gridview

i am not able to calculate value on basis of date selection, although i am able to select the date through jquery and place it in textbox. but it is not changing the next textbox value upon basis of selection.
code is as

Nesting gridview/formview in webuser control inside a parent gridview
by Rakehellion in Programming Languages

I'm developing an ASP.net 2 website for our HR department, where the front page has a matrix of all our departments against pay grades, with links in each cell to all the jobs for that department for that grade.
These links take you a page with a gridview populated dynamically, as each department has a different number of teams, e.g. Finance has one team, IT has four. Each cell has a webus

Android: Create a new intent with a button from a GridView (GridView with Navigation buttons)
by krs in Programming Languages

I have created a class of type BaseAdapter that is populated with buttons - when you click on a button I want to load a new intent. This has proven difficult on two levels:

You cannot associate the event with the button (one that creates a new intent) inside the Adapter. This is why I send the Buttons as an array to my Adapter (this solution works, but it is messy)


How to extract data from a TextBox to a GridView (multiple rows to be displayed in the GridView)?
by bash in Programming Languages

I have used the following code to display data from a TextBox to a GridView without saving the data to the database(Two TextBoxes and a Button). When I enter the Name and City in the TextBoxes, and click on the Button, those values will be displayed in the Gridview. It is working as expected without any errors. But I want to tweak the code a bit so that the GridView should be able to add new da

How to bind the gridview to treeview ,like tree structure hold the gridview data
by vyazkov in Programming Languages

How to bind the gridview control to treeview , when user click for the + symbol the gridview has to display.. like tree structure hold the gridview data

Thank You

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