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Add Group of Persons to ABAddressBookRef, group added ok, but person didn't add to Group?
by ShortOne in Mobile Programming

I have some lines of Objective-C code like:

ABAddressBookRef addressBook;
CFErrorRef error = NULL;
addressBook = ABAddressBookCreate();
ABRecordRef group = ABGroupCreate();
ABRecordSetValue(group, kABGroupNameProperty,@"My Group", &error);
ABRecordRef person = ABPersonCreate();
ABRecordSetValue(person,kABPersonFirstNameProperty,@"Huy 1111111",&am

Mixing of GROUP columns (MIN(),MAX(),COUNT(),…) with no GROUP columns is illegal if there is no GROUP BY clause
by jcwagers in Programming Languages

I'm using an old php script and have an error with this query. Since I'm not experienced with mysql, I couldn't fix it.

"SELECT COUNT(p.postid) AS pid, p.*, t.* FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."post AS p
INNER JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."thread AS t ON (p.threadid = t.threadid) WHERE

the error is

Mixing of GROUP columns (MIN()

In an SSRS report, dividing the sum of one child group by the sum of another child group in a different parent group
by xes in Programming Languages

I have a financial statement. It has detail lines divided into the groups for Sales, Cost of Goods sold, Operating Expenses, and Other Expenses.

Sales and Cost Of Goods Sold are in the parent Group "IF"
Operating Expenses are in the parent group "E".

I want to divide the total of Operating Expenses by the total of Sales. Is that possible?

I've been struggli

How Does a Facebook Group Get Deleted if the Facebook Group Creator Did Not Delete the Group?
by seph87 in Internet
Groups have been a Facebook feature for several years, but the Facebook developers have changed their format and purpose as the website has grown into a worldwide entity. You may find that groups you previously belonged to no longer exist. A few factors can cause this, even if no one intentionally deletes the groups.
. About GroupsFacebook groups enable communities of Facebook users to gat

Group dialog items to a single “Group” (Visual Studio)
by NeoTubNinja in Programming Languages

I want to create a dialog window for change settings of an application. Below is a screenshot of Adobe Reader. After using Spy++, I guess that:

On the right side, all the control (buttons, combo boxes...ect) are belonged to a GroupBox.

For each category in the TreeView Control on the left side, there is a corresponding GroupBox which groups all the controls related to th

BIRT. Show current grouping value in group header/footer for dynamic group
by Anton Tupy in Programming Languages

Short question:

I've a group that could change grouping condition in runtime (see details in long question below). Could I show in the group header/footer current value of the group (e.g. group by branch - show branch name, group by client - client name etc.)?

Long question:

I would like to allow my users to change grouping conditions on the fly. I could rel

MS Excel 2003 VBA - Is there a way to define a group of shapes/object into a “group”
by raghu78 in Programming Languages

So I have this global mapping scheme, and each country on it are individual shapes. I learned how to manipulate colors/fill based on certain criteria. So the way I do this, or the way I know how is one shape/object at a time.

For example USA is "C_USA", Canada is "C_CAN", etc.

So is there a way I can define countries into groups?? ie. I would like to put USA, CAN and MEX

Selecting only 3 first joined items with uniq attribute within each group grouped by group by clause
by Ernest Hill in Databases

I have got simple sql:

SELECT foos.*, bars.* FROM foos
LEFT JOIN bars ON bars.foo_id = foos.id
WHERE foos.id = 1;


| foos.id | bars.id | bars.author_id |
| 1 | 1 | 10 |
| 1 | 3 | 10 |

Magento - Filter products that have a specific customer group price set (by group code, not id)
by Steve in Development Tools & Services

I'm looking to filter a product list by those products which have a group_price set at the product level and assigned to a specific customer group.

I was thinking it would be something along the lines of:

$products->addFieldToFilter('group_price', array(
'cust_group' => 2

Allow Group Creator/Owner Approve/Deny a user's request to join group
by Nick in Web Design

I want to have the ability for Users to request to join a Group the person who created the group would be called Owner and any non-Owner would have to request to join Owner's group. The Owner can approve or deny the request from the user. The Owner could also add users to their Group and the

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