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open('output1.txt', 'w').write(“Hello guys”) versus openvar.write(“Hello guys”)
by California in Programming Languages

When I do

open('output1.txt', 'w').write("Hello guys")

A file called output1.txt is immediatly created and contains the string "Hello guys".
But when I do

openvar = open('output2.txt', 'w')
openvar.write("Hello guys")

Then only the file output2.txt is created. The text "Hello guys" will only be seen on the output

Guys I need your help with some CSS
by dfrolov in Web Design

I have tried for the life of me to get this darn slider to work on this site I am making and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Once I add in the code for the slider (the news story slider at the top of the page) it seems to be pushing the rest of the site out of wack.

If there are any CSS guys out there that can help. I know its just something small that I am missing but I a

How to Act Around Guys
by ussballantyne in Relationships & Family
Hanging around guys can be fun and even educational. As you delve deeper into guy society, it’s important to keep your wits about you. There’s no room for excessive whining or drooling when you’re interacting with guys. Take the time to assess your behavior before you find yourself dismissed from the boy’s club.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Exhibit cool conf
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How to Get a Tan for Guys
by Chris in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Tan skin can make men and women feel more attractive. If you live in an area that does not get much sun, or just want to eliminate your pasty skin for summer, there are a variety of options for tanning. Any time that men use a tanning salon, or tans outside in the sun, there is damage to the skin. That is especially true for men with fair skin. Another way to get a tan for guys is to use sunless o
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Gifts for Guys that Have Everything
by Liy in Holidays & Celebrations
Your man has everything he could possibly want -- or so you think. He may have a brand new car, the latest video game and even an electronic fishing rod that finds and practically catches the fish for him. Don't give up just yet, though. There may be a few gifts that he hasn't already received or purchased, including special homemade gifts, pets and novelty gadgets. HomemadeA homemade gift is a

How to Do the Splits for Guys
by Anubis in Sports & Fitness
The splits are a stretch that is accomplished over time, through a daily routine of maximizing your stretching. Men who wish to perform either the front splits or side splits will need to warm up each day before performing a splits routine. The key is persistence. Skipping even a day may delay your results.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Loose fitting pants or short
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Perfumes That Guys Like
by Bin in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Scent is a personal thing. Everyone has different body chemistry which means that different scents smell different on people. Scent can also attract the opposite sex. While the perfumes that guys like depends on the guy, there are certain ones that seem to appeal to them the most. Make his pulse race and choose a fragrance that turns his head. Clean ScentsA class of perfumes that guys like are

How to Meet Emo Guys
by Jaleel in Relationships & Family
Emo culture, which emerged from a certain brand of sensitive, punk rock music, has created a certain type of guy. The typical emo guy is usually defined as a passionate music lover who wears his emotions on his sleeve. Though emo guys can be found in several places, there are certain settings where they are more likely to congregate. One of the best ways to meet an emo guy is to frequent these lo
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Get Well Gifts for Guys
by Grumpy Tim in Holidays & Celebrations
When someone close to you doesn't feel well or is recovering from an illness or surgery, you might want to give him a gift to show him you care and hope for a speedy recovery. The best gifts for men who are ill are a combination of warmth and comfort gifts, as well as items that provide him with entertainment while he is bedridden. Food GiftsIt's a given that guys love food even when they aren'
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Why Guys Have Sheds
by amiT jaiN in Home & Garden
For some men, a basement is a place of relaxation and refuge. For other men, it's the garage. And for other men, it's a backyard shed. A man's backyard shed is a place where he can tinker away at crafts, have the odd cold beverage, swap stories with his buddies and maybe even forget about following the rules of the house. Men have sheds for different reasons, yet the reasons are all somewhat simil
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