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What Is the Difference Between a Teddy Bear Hamster & an Angora Hamster?
by DaveStall in Pets
Furry and cute, Angora and teddy bear hamsters belong to the Syrian breed. The Syrian breed is the most popular breed in pet stores because of its gentle temperament and a furry, teddy-bear-ish appearance. While these Syrian hamster varieties seem interchangeable, the Angora and teddy bear are distinguished by the length of their hair. Angora HamstersSyrian hamsters come in more than 40 differe

How to Differentiate Between a Hamster Fight & Hamster Play
by Mihai Mocanu in Pets
When hamsters play with one another, it can seem like they are fighting. However, as a hamster owner, it is important for you to be able to differentiate between hamster fights and play sessions so that you can prevent your furry friends from becoming injured. If you hear or witness rattling from within the cage, check on your hamsters to determine exactly what they are up to.Difficulty:Moderately

How to Create a Hamster in a Virtual Hamster World
by php in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Virtual hamster games are fun online games played by children and adults alike. The appeal of virtual pets is that you get the fun of having a pet without actually cleaning up the animal's mess or spending money on food and other necessities. Virtual pets can be a good training tool for children who want hamsters, but may not be ready to take care of a live animal just yet. Playing these games can

How to Potty Train Your Dwarf Hamster (or Any Hamster)
by ivoidwarranties in Pets
It is possible to housetrain dwarf, and other, hamster although perhaps not as reliably as a cat, dog or rabbit. Toilet hygiene is in fact a natural behavior for many small rodents, including hamsters. This is because in nature they live in burrows or other small spaces, not out in the open, and they need to keep their nests clean. It is worth housetraining your hamsters, primarily because this ma

How to Make a Wild Hamster Into a Domestic Hamster
by vik in Pets
Hamsters have been kept as pets for a relatively short time. A wild litter was first taken into captivity by Israel Aharoni in Syria in 1930 for medical research purposes. This was an ill-fated litter; some were cannibalized by the mother and others escaped. Nevertheless, enough survived and bred to be exported, and so began the taming and domestication of the hamster. While your hamster from the

How to Train the Hamster to Spin Its Hamster Wheel
by Mark Tran in Pets
Hamsters are entertaining pets for people of all ages, and they can enjoy a very happy and healthy life if given the proper care. In addition to a well-balanced diet, plenty of fresh water and lots of human interaction, daily exercise is paramount to optimal health. Specially designed exercise wheels are often enjoyed by hamsters, some of which run on them for hours at a time. Hamsters that seem l

How to Introduce a Female Hamster to a Male Hamster
by Ph33zy in Pets
Fluffy and furry, hamsters are among the most popular "pocket pets" to have. Great for children, these little balls of fur are easy to care for and fun to hold. Hamsters typically like the company of other hamsters. However, there are instances when hamsters do not get along and should only have supervised visits---this is often the case with males and females. In addition, most opposite-sexed ham

Are Hamster Harnesses Good for a Hamster?
by IlLogiK in Pets
Hamsters are wonderful household pets for people with limited space. Their food and maintenance are relatively simple. Caring for a hamster responsibly involves having the necessary habitat and accessories to ensure a healthy life. A harness is a good way to get the hamster exercise and protect it when it is out of its cage. The proper fit and handling of a hamster harness can not be emphasized en

Difference Between a Girl Hamster and a Boy Hamster
by DOOR3 James in Pets
Female and male hamsters look quite similar at a glance. Unlike birds, there isn't much of a color or size variation or difference between the two sexes. When naming your hamsters, it is natural to want to know what the sex of it is before you do so. It is also crucial to know the sex of the hamsters if you are planning to buy more than one.

How to Get to Know a Hamster Better
by Jimmy G. in Pets
Having a pet hamster can be a great experience. Getting to know your hamster can benefit both you and your pet because you will be able to care for it more completely. Follow these tips in order to get to know your hamster better.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Keep your hamster in a quiet place for the first few days. He will need time to adjust to his new environment. Don't put him in


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