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How to run something after all the @Before's have happened?
by Stjepan in Web Design

We're using @Before's all along the hierarchy to get some test data inserted into the database before tests execute. I want to commit all that data to the database just before the @Test starts running.

One way to do this would be to commit the data as the last step in this test class' @Before method. But we have hundreds of such classes, and don't want to go in and modify all of t

What Has Happened to RCA?
by terrestris in Electronics
The Radio Corporation of America, more commonly known as RCA, was one of the biggest players in the technology industry in the early and mid-20th century. Its designs drove radio and television development from the 1930s onward and the company helped create many different consumer electronics and appliances. Today, RCA lives on as a brand name, although the company at the heart of the brand is lon
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What Happened to the IBM Personal PC?
by Hai Nguyen in Computers
The IBM Personal Computer 5150 was a major catalyst for the growth of the personal computer (PC) market, helping to launch a multi-billion dollar industry. First introduced in 1981, the IBM Personal Computer was designed for business, personal and home use and was both compact and affordable. The IBM PC 5150 was discontinued in 1987, but the model was still in use and became a sort of collector's

What Happened to All the Old TV Frequencies?
by Braxos in Electronics
When U.S. television stations turned off their analog broadcast signals in June 2009 and began broadcasting entirely in a digital format, it freed a large amount of spectrum, which the Federal Communications Commission auctioned off to cellular phone carriers to be used for high speed wireless data networks. Using the old TV frequencies has allowed cellphone carriers to provide broader wireless da

What Happened to Apollo 13?
by Rakehellion in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Even before the well-received Ron Howard movie, the Apollo 13 mission was arguably the most famous catastrophe in the history of manned space flight, and the only one in which the crew recovered from a major accident to return to Earth alive. The incident remains important to this day, not only as an inspiring story of human triumph against all odds, but also for the lessons it holds for future de

What Happened to TWA Airlines?
by PokerGuy in Business
For decades, Trans World Airlines (TWA) ruled the skies. One of America's most recognized airlines, the airline was famous for its cutting-edge aircraft, international presence and famous owners, including Howard Hughes and Carl Icahn. Roiled by bankruptcies in the last years of its existence, TWA was acquired by a competitor and faded from the air industry. Time FrameThe airline was founded in

What Happened With Napster?
by denis280 in Arts & Entertainment
Napster was a famous file-sharing operation, created by Shawn Fanning, that made it simple and easy for people to share MP3s with each other at no cost. The company grew to be a source of controversy when major artists issued legal challenges based on intellectual property arguments and copyright laws. Rise to FameNapster became a major player in the music scene in 1999.music image by Markus G

What Happened to My Impatiens?
by mAuo in Home & Garden
Common garden impatiens (Impatiens walleriana) fill dappled shade with a seemingly endless supply of glowing red, pink or white flowers that seldom need deadheading on fast-growing mounds. Few annuals are more prolific in the shade. The impatiens planted one day, however, may be in a state of collapse or missing altogether the next. SpeciesCommon garden annuals include impatiens (I. wallerina),

Crash happened in Dll which was not loaded
by Mark in Programming Languages

I'm working on Win7 and VS 2010.

My application calls LoadLibrary to load A.dll. LoadLibrary returns NULL and the error code is 126 which is my expectation.

Then if I leave my application alone, it will crash a few minutes later.

There is an error message in Windows Event Viewer :

Exception code: 0xc0000005

Faulting application pat

Asking Box2d if a collision happened
by Dopey in Programming Languages

I'm using Box2dx (ported to C#; optimized for XNA). It handles collision resolution, but how can I tell if two objects are currently colliding?

This is the function I'm trying to write:

public bool IsColliding(GameObjectController collider1, GameObjectController collider2)

Where collider1.Model.Body is the Box2d Body, and

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