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How to Tell Your Man You're Really Happy to Be With Him
by Platinumjsi in Relationships & Family
Sometimes men need the same reassurance that women do; they need to know that their women are happy and enjoying the relationship.. Perhaps you've been so happy spending time with your boyfriend that you've forgotten to tell him just how you feel. He so obviously and genuinely cares about you, and he deserves to know that, similarly, you adore him.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Try doi

How to Be Happy When You're Fat
by Blackjack200 in Health
Being overweight does not mean being unhappy or not confident. While it is true that the ideal seems to be the thin models and actresses found in just about any magazine, beauty and confidence can come in all sizes. Feeling sad certainly is not only an issue for people who are overweight. If you are ready to accept your size and live an abundant life, learn how to be happy when you are fat.Difficu
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How to Be Happy Again
by Mihai Mocanu in Health
Science continues to study happiness, and it seems many people feel it quite frequently as children, but as time goes on, lose it somewhat during the teens and adulthood, especially after long periods of tough times. Therefore, many people sincerely wonder how to be happy again. Good news! Sciences now knows happiness can be rewired back into the brain no matter what our age to produce the chemica
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How to Act Happy
by Mark Tran in Health
Whether you are tired of living under a cloud or you just want to put on an act for those around you who are tired of seeing your gloomy mug, there are things you can do to act happy.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Break yourself of your gloomy habits. Once you have gotten stuck in a rut of dark thoughts and scowling looks, your body gets used to that state and can get stuck. So, start making c
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How to Die Happy
by Javier Pitalua in Relationships & Family
Life is a series of opportunities, and what you do with those opportunities is completely up to you. If you play your cards right and do what you think is best, your chances of being happy when you die rise.
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How to Have a Happy Dog
by Ian McKellar in Pets
Man's best friend--the dog--makes you very happy and you should do the same for him. To have a happy dog, you need to make sure all of his needs are met on a daily basis. This means that you have to know what his needs are and know how to meet them.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Give her plenty of exercise. Besides food and water, this is the most important part of her daily routine. A
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How to Keep a Man Happy
by MeldarthX in Relationships & Family
Any relationship must be cared for and nurtured, and a relationship with a man is no different. You must sometimes go out of your way to keep a man happy, but it is totally worth it for a happy life. Read on for some tips.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Have sex with him often. This doesn't mean you can never say no. But it is an enjoyable experience, and if you aren't in the mood, but could ge
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How to Never Be Happy
by Pete in Careers & Job Searching
Does happiness elude you? Follow these steps to be sure things stay that way.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Procrastinate happiness. The most effective way to stave off happiness is to keep putting it off. Once you grow up and finally move out you can go to college and work hard to get a good job...and once you finally earn enough to get out of the job, staying in a pit of unhappiness will be a br
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How to Get Happy
by denis280 in Health
Sure—the minute you get a job you love, a boyfriend, make more money and buy a new house you’ll get happy, right? Wrong. Material things, relationships and even a ton of money are not the way to get happy. Working on your inner attitude is. You can get happy by keeping as healthy as possible and following a few simple tips.
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How to Eat to Be Happy
by wolf1306 in Health
Feeling sad is no laughing matter, especially if your sadness is a form of depression. Being happy is much more fun, but unfortunately quite a few people suffer from deep feelings of sadness and would do almost anything to feel better. Certain medications help, but nature offers remedies without side effects. Since some foods assist with the production of serotonin and since serotonin has been fou
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