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How to Replace the Hard Drive in a Philips Dvdr3576h 160 GB Hard Disk DVD Recorder
by scott.sizemore in Electronics
Replacing the hard drive in your Philips digital video recorder (DVR) is necessary when you are repairing a DVR or are upgrading its storage capabilities. Since DVRs are built on computer platform specifications and use the same hard drive as your desktop computer, it's a simple plug-and-play swap once you have opened the DVR's case.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need

How to Remove Any Newly Installed Hard Drives or Hard Drive Controllers
by Navin in Computers
Hard drives and hard drive controllers are common components in a computer that are usually positioned in a location that is easily accessible for removal, installation or replacement. By employing best practice measures to ensure the drive and controller are not damaged by static electricity discharge, you can safely and quickly remove a hard drive and controller from just about any computer.Dif

Difference Between Hard-Cooked & Hard-Boiled Eggs
by Hungary in Food & Drink
The terms "hard-cooked" and "hard-boiled" eggs are often used interchangeably, though they don't mean exactly the same thing. There are a few differences between a hard-cooked and hard-boiled egg. Hard-Boiled EggsWhen a cookbook or recipe references hard-boiled eggs, it's most likely referring to a hard-cooked egg. There really is no difference between recipes for hard-boiled eggs and hard-cook

I was type “attrib” in command prompt and after that my secondary hard disk and my external hard disk icon change to unknown
by fedorafennec in Operating Systems

Can anyone solve this problem, please?

Even I try "D:autorun.inf" by even hidden file as well but can't find that file

Find Hard Disk Serial number from Remote SQL Server Installed Hard disk
by tong in Programming Languages

I have a C#.net Windows form Application with SQL Server. My application use in Multiple user by local Network. Now I need to find Hard disk Serial Number which hard disk installed sql server (Note: By Using C#.net Application Data source ).

How can i find Hard disk Serial number throw by application data source?

How to Make an Exact Copy of a MacBook Hard Drive on an External Hard Drive
by Andrew Forbes in Computers
Every MacBook computer comes with the Time Machine utility that allows you to make an exact copy of the computer's hard drive and store it on an external hard drive. With this backup, you can revert your MacBook to an earlier state or restore the computer's hard drive completely in the case of a hard drive failure. If you want to use Time Machine to make a backup of your MacBook's hard drive, you

How to Format a Hard Drive on a Dell B130 & Reinstall Windows From a Hard Drive
by sham63 in Computers
The Windows operating system installed on your Dell Inspiron B130 laptop may crash frequently or take much longer than normal to boot up if your registry data has been modified or the computer has contracted a virus. As a precaution, Dell laptops include a hidden hard drive partition with an option to format the hard drive. If you want to wipe out your current data and start over with a clean slat

What Kind of Files Can I Switch From My Main Hard Drive to a Back-Up Hard Drive?
by sandorski in Computers
An external hard drive makes a great back-up for your important files and anything that takes up too much space in your on-board drive, especially for users with portable laptop computers. You can copy nearly all file types for storage on a back-up drive, and having a back-up drive is a safeguard in case your computer is broken or stolen. Media FilesMany computer users buy an external hard driv

How to Replace a Raid 5 SCSI Hard Drive With a Larger Size Hard Drive
by br4dz in Computers
A RAID 5 configuration provides redundancy and parity across the hard drives in your system, improving disk performance while insulating your computer against the possibility of loss through drive failure. Replace a RAID 5 drive with a larger hard drive by reconfiguring the RAID array through the disk management tools of your server operating system. This generally takes around 20 minutes.Difficul

How to Transfer Photos From a Macbook Hard Drive to an External Hard Drive
by David Marchant in Computers
There are a couple of easy ways to move photos from your MacBook's hard drive to an external drive. If you have been taking advantage of iPhoto, your job is already half done because all you have to do is copy the iPhoto Library and reconfigure iPhoto for the new location. Thankfully, transferring photos manually is just as easy. Before beginning, it is best to consolidate the photos you would lik

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