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How does browser work with expiration headers, cache-control headers, last-modified-header?
by Ryan in Development Tools & Services

I am a web developer, have worked with PHP and .NET both. having over a year of experience working on web I haven't been able to understand the browser caching features thoroughly, I hope Web Gurus here can help me with it. Questions I have in my mind are :

How does browser actually caches stuff, does it request for to see if the cached file has changed on the server or not,

Parsing headers in Safari - something similar to Live HTTP Headers for Firefox?
by markku in Web Design

I need to resolve a weird issue with Safari playing back mp3 files as streaming files although the entire length of the content and all of the content is provided to the browser...

Apparently, I will have to address Range headers, which is a new topic for me.

How would I monitor the headers being sent and received in Safari? Is there a plugin or some other trick I can u

Retrieve msg headers via VSTO, Redemption or MAPI33 for a IMAP msg that has been downloaded as headers only?
by AJ. in Programming Languages

I've been trying to access msg headers or sender and recipient info for a message in an IMAP account that's been downloaded as headers only. I can see it using OutlookSpy via IMessage, but cannot figure out how to programmatically do that via C#, Redemption or MAPI33. Any suggestions or pointers to samples would be really really appreciated.

Loop around web service call fails 10% of the time, get error: Server cannot clear headers after HTTP headers have been sent
by Blackjack200 in Programming Languages

I have created a proxy service that makes a call to a 3rd party web service. I'm calling the method in my proxy service 5000 times in a loop. I'm getting this error on about 100 of the calls in the middle of the loop (about 4000 work successfully, then about 100 errors, then it finishes the remaining 900 successfully).

This is the error that is getting thrown server-side:

Google App Engine - headers[] and headers.add_header() for cache control
by Summerfun in Programming Languages

What is the proper way to set cache control?

Sometimes I see the use of headers[]

self.response.headers["Cache-Control"]="no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate, pre-check=0, post-check=0"
self.response.headers["Expires"]="Thu, 01 Dec 1994 16:00:00"

Other times, I see headers.add_header()

Creating a custom TableModel with multiple column headers and row headers
by Thomas in Programming Languages

I'm attempting to create a JTable that looks like the mockup below:

The green corner is basically buffer-space for the red column and row headers. The cells don't need to be rendered in the colours pictured; however they need to be distinguishable from the rest of the 'white' cells in the table.

This table also is not editable or selectable; it's merely view

Is it a good idea to put all project headers into one file HEADERS.h?
by waggy in Programming Languages

I talked to my instructor the other day and asked him this question. He told me that I could go for smaller projects, but I'm starting a chess program and I was wondering what Stack Overflow thinks about this issue. Should I include all headers into one file, or separate them?

How to alter headers to download a file in WordPress when headers are already being sent out in a previous file?
by textmate in Programming Languages

On one of our wordPress pages, we would like to download a file through the browser. As far as I know, this is done by modifying the header so the page believes that it's a certain type of file (.txt for example). However, both the theme, along with dozens of plugins load prior to this page loading and many of them are outputting some sort of data, or modifying the header in some way that I'm c

How to change style of tab panel headers(title) and panel headers in extjs4
by Jason Terhorst in Web Design

I want to knw is there any css class i can override so that all tab panel headers and panel headers style i can change???
if so can some one pls let me know


Remove Table Columns and Headers , table having headers with a row-span and col-span using jquery
by Luciano Campos in Programming Languages

I have a table and need to remove its columns using jquery. Using this but it removes all the headers , but I want that only the first row header is removed.

<table border="2" style="border-collapse:collapse;">
<th rowspan="2">#</th>
<th rowspan="2">A</th>

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