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What Is Hell?
by David Mercer in Culture & Society
Most people believe in the concept of heaven and hell, or at least some form of afterlife. Does hell exist? If so, is it a fiery inferno where souls are tormented for their sins? It seems that more people believe in heaven than a fiery underworld, but the prospect of eternal damnation is frightening nonetheless. FeaturesWhat is hell? It is a place of punishment for sinners. Those who refuse to
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by Excessi0n in Programming Languages

I'm quite a newbie in PHP and today I discovered DOTNET class.
So I studied manual, surfed the web to find some example and finally wrote my test app:

Created a new DLL using Framework 4.0 Client Profile
Signed the assembly with a strong name key
Marked assembly as COM-Visible

This is the test code I wrote

using System;
namespace CSharpCOM

PHP Soap is hell
by RockinZ28 in Programming Languages

If I run this

$HostTransactionInfo = new HostTransactionInfo(); // std Object
$HostTransactionInfo->SecurenetID = $cc->merchant->data[$this->name]['secure_net_id'];
$HostTransactionInfo->SecureKey = $cc->merchant->data[$this->name]['secure_key'];
$HostTransactionInfo->Test = self::TEST;
$securenet = new SoapClient(self::WSDL, array(
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How to resolve .NET Dll Hell?
by Chris in Programming Languages

How to fix?

I have 2 3rd party assemblies, that uses NewtonSoftJson.dll. The catch is one of them uses the older 3.x.x and another using 4.5.x. So at run time at least 1 of the 2 assemblies complains about the other.

How can I resolve this? I could set up services, but the codes and environments aren't currently set up that way. It's also too much refactoring than can be

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How to Play Oh Hell
by soulcougher73 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Oh Hell! is a classic card game that was popularized in the early 1900s. Custom thematic illustrated boxed sets (in bright red) were manufactured in the 1940s and '50s. Oh Hell! is known by many names, including: Elevator Whist, Up the River, German Bridge and Blackout. This is an excellent primer for teaching children the mechanics and basic strategy of trick taking games. It is also a great game
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About The Hell's Angels
by bkircher in Culture & Society
Known for their Harley-Davidsons, skull logo and for starting trouble, the Hell's Angels came roaring into American history many years ago. The group has since grown to have more than 125 different charters in Europe and many others covering the globe, from Canada to Australia. HistoryThe Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club was born in 1948 on St. Patrick's Day. It first emerged in the San Bernardino
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How to Get Hell Quest for AQW
by Topweasel in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based in your Internet browser. A downloadable file on the Internet, Hell Quest for AQW is a game hack that allows you to increase the amount of gold and number of experience points in the game to make leveling up easier. The Hell Quest hack is a file for use with Windows machines, like Windows 7.Difficulty:Moderately
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How to Use Hell Quest V0.885
by Retro Rob in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Hell Quest V0.885" is a trainer that you can download for free online and use to provide hacks in the game of "Adventure Quest". "Adventure Quest" is an online computer game where players can go to create their own fantasy avatar and fight over 700 powerful monsters with the help of ancient style weapons. "Hell Quest" hacks can give players additional experience points and extra gold to help the
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'for' loop and typecasting hell ! (PHP)
by LDam in Programming Languages

//matches[0] holds some preg_match'ed values

$price = $matches[0][$i]; //a**uto type casting to (float) returns 0 for $price. Tried it for values greater than 1 too.**
//echo gettype($price);
$price = $price + 0.01; **//Returns 0 + 0.01 instead of the right answer**
//**even after removing the above sta

Fairway to Hell Cheats
by Minh Nguyen in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Fairway to Hell," a free online game available at AdultSwim.com, has much in common with traditional video game golf simulators -- precision aiming and a time-based power meter in particular. However, the environment in this game isn't your typical setting. "Fairway to Hell" takes place entirely inside a house, encouraging players to destroy as much as they can. And while there are no true cheats

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