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Controllers, Action helpers, or View Helpers for multi-level tabbed interface
by sadboy in Programming Languages

This question is related to the question asked here, regarding the best practice for handling tabbed interfaces. It made reference to a blog post titled, Why the Zend Framework Actionstack is Evil, which outlined that you should use partials and view helpers for elements that will be reused. This is fine until the element has to handle some input, in which case view helpers are not the answer.

DataType Versus Required data annotation, when using Templated Helpers and non Templated Helpers
by Minh Nguyen in Programming Languages

i have defined the following data annotations for my model object:-

[Required(ErrorMessage = "Book Name is required !!!")]
public string BookName { get; set; }

i am rendering the model at the view using the following:-

@Html.EditorFor(model => model.BookName)

but when i chan

Generic factorized data helpers (system.data.commons) vs especialized data helpers (sql server) performance?
by IlLogiK in Programming Languages

I'm planning to improve the performance of some applications. We generally use factored datahelpers (using System.Data.Common, but we are thinking to specialize some applications that are always going to use sql server.

Does anyone know or could test if is increased the performance using specialized classes instead of factorized classes?


PHP - Traits as helpers
by Skipholiday in Programming Languages

Are there any contradictions to use traits to inject helper methods like this?

class Foo
use HelperArray;
function isFooValid(array $foo)
return $this->arrayContainsOnly('BarClass', $foo);
TAGS : Traits helpers

How to get know that name Helpers in my Rails app
by Paul McKee in Programming Languages

i have routes,

resources :categories do
resources :products

How can i check the names of all helper created in Rails app,

in the http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html

there is documentation, but can i list down names so that i can see and use the helper name easily.

After some research on i

How to add helpers to fancybox
by vvv in Programming Languages

Okay, I'm using something like

$.fancybox( $("#savesofrm") );

to open a div that has some basic (textarea, etc) form elements in it. It works.

I want to pass more options, like helpers in. Not sure how. Ideas?

TAGS : helpers fancybox

Do you use <%: %> or <%= %> for html helpers in ASP.NET MVC 2.0?
by KCro in ASP & ASP.net

I know they now have this in ASP.NET MVC 2.0 <%: Model.CustomerName %>

So when you make HTML helpers is it better to use this way now (provided that you do not want to do HTML encoding)?

TAGS : html helpers

DIY Camera Helpers
by Dan Becker in Hobbies, Games & Toys
If your hobby is photography, then you are probably already aware that photography equipment is expensive. Everything from camera bodies to lenses and flashes to the computers used to edit digital photos costs money. It's no wonder that some photographers, both professional and serious amateurs, have gotten a little bit creative with homemade equipment. There are a number of different devices that
TAGS : Camera Helpers

Example Uses of Action Helpers
by zdyne in Programming Languages

Action Helpers are recommended in general over extending Zend_Controller_Action.

Looking at some of the applications you've built recently, what did you use Action Helpers for?

How to get other Gem helpers into my Engine Gem's tests?
by Barak in Programming Languages

I'm trying to write tests for an engine gem I'm writing. I'm using Rspec and the tests seem to be running fine. But whenever a view uses a helper from another gem, such as "will_paginate" or "ransack", I get an "undefined method" error.

I've tried including the other gems in my gem's Gemfile (in addition to the engine.gemspec file) as well as the dummy app's Gemfile, but I get the

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