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How do I fully cut off list elements of unknown height partially hidden by overflow:hidden
by DrMrLordX in Web Design

I have some javascript pulling status updates from a twitter feed, and a div element with a set height set to overflow:hidden. The problem is that that hidden doesn't completely cut off a list element, but cuts literally where the height stops.

How can I remove the entire li element? I never know the height of each list element because the si

Many programs create top-level hidden windows for a lot of things. How do you get these hidden Window Handles?
by Bado in Programming Languages

How do you expose and narrow these down to the correct control you're using?

Normal window handles use EnumWindows, EnumProcesses, & GetWindowThreadProcessId; But I cannot get specific handles which would expose browser chat rooms, or webpage text. Please explain this process.

*Edit: * These don't really exist, they're drawn? in.. someone please explain the protocol

multiple overflow:hidden containers with hidden content simultaneously toggled by links
by sdifox in Programming Languages

On my page I have one navigation menu and two content containers.

The content containers use overflow:hidden so that only one of the child div's show at one time.

What I would like is for the navigation links to act as activators for the related content to scroll in to view in the containers.

So, for example if I was to press Link2 on the navigation I would l

Highcharts Chart is not completely hidden if the smartGWT Layout id hidden
by Mark in Web Design

I build an app using smartGWT (3.1) (GWT: 2.5).

To hold changes to the various views (scrollbar-position in ListGrids etc.) I add all the views to the main canvas and just change their visibility (show() / hide())

(hide() all children then show() the one which was selected in the menu)

This works fine until I use hichcharts (gwt.highcharts-1.5.0

How do you show hidden rows in Excel chart, but NOT hidden columns?
by piratus in Programming Languages

Is there a way to enable an Excel chart to plot data in hidden rows, but NOT in hidden columns? I already know how to use the "Select data" option, when right clicking a chart, to go to the "Hidden and empty cells" option, which offers the choice to "Show data in hidden rows and columns". I can't find a way, however, to show data in hidden rows without also showing data in hidden columns and wa

Freaky UISwitch/UILabel.hidden/UIImageView.hidden Problem!
by squarecut1 in Mobile Programming

Sorry for the constant questions, but in my app, you are able to toggle if 3 UILabels and 1 UIImageview's hidden property is YES or NO via UISwitchs on another page (The settings page). The weird part is, one of the UILabels is hidden, even when it is declared that it is not to be hidden. Here is my code on the settings page.

- (IBAction)changeswitch1 {

CSS:Hover's problem with text that is hidden because of overflow:hidden?
by YooperDave in Web Design

In my application i have lots of divs containing text. All divs have overflow set to hidden so that the user does not see the text if the container is not large enough to contain the writing.

If the user wants to see the hidden text they are supposed to mouse over the "box". The box then expands and shows the text. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well i am having problems a

How to get the height of hidden content in a div setup with overflow:hidden?
by wraith in Web Design

I want to make a div that expands to reveal its content when clicked. What I did to date is:

Created a div, set to overflow:hidden
Created a JS function that toggles the height of the div between "minimized" and "maximized" (20px height and XYZpx height).

So far everything works, except I don't know how to get the height of the content inside my div so I can make the div r

Every TableView Cell has an image, some are `hidden`, how can i test if all them are not hidden?
by psolord in Mobile Programming

In my app, i have a table view and every row/cell has an imageView already on it. Each imageView already has its image assigned to it, each imageView's .hidden property is set to YES until otherwise specified by the user. My question is: How can i test to see if any images are hidden/not hidden. If 1 cell has a visible image, i want to Call a method. And i

left side of fieldset hidden due to overfolw hidden
by Mahi in Web Design

I have a field set where I used overflow: hidden in order for it not to collide with a nother div floating left to it.

The problem is that the over flow hidden block the left side of it.
here is a jsfidde. sorry for the long code, no time to screen...

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